Chapter 3Mature

Xian Avory- Age 22

Liam Avory- Age 15

Family status-

Father- Deseased

Mother- Over seas.


"Its just a prank, s'all” Liam Avory tore up the little note and threw it into the waste paper basket.  Her brother, Xian stared at her, with an angry and worried expression.

“Why didn’t you tell me before?!” He bellowed, “There is some random stranger sending letters to your school and house describing...lewd activity and what not, and you think it’s all a joke?!” These yelling’s were common and plenty. Liam Avory was a beautiful and innocent young woman. She did not understand the cruelty of the world. Constantly sheltered under her brother’s wing as a young girl, she had yet to learn that this world was brutal to ignorance.

"It’s ok. I didn’t tell you because I knew you would act up.” She kissed him on the cheek. “It's just some poor hurt boy whos probably angry and frustrated.” She plopped herself onto the edge of her bed.

“I know. I also know what this can turn into.” He sat down in front of his sister. “I’m a guy...I know what he's thinking. He's not hurt or poor, simply....*ahem* hormonally imbalanced."

“Don’t be such a worry wart. You'll go bald.” She lay down on her bed and stared at the cieling.

“And the matter will escalate.” He looked at his sister with worried eyes. “I love you more than anything else in the world, and I want you to be safe. Please, think once in a while.” He got to his feet and slung his jacket over his back.

“Don’t tell me? You’re going to the_” He cut her off mid sentence.

“Yes, I’m going to the police station. I’m asking Mr.Holister for his help with this.”

“You worship the guy don’t you?” She said looking up at her brother and smiled sweetly. He blushed slightly. Haber Holister was the head of the Department of Criminal Investigation, Xian’s mentor and an old family friend and father figure, who dressed up as Santa clause every Christmas, till Liam had turned twelve.
"Fine. Do what you want." She concieded, senceing her brother's irritation.

He left the house and closed the door behind him. She watched him walk out of thier small house through the front door, and begin a steady jog to the police office. Heaing a heavy sigh, she sat on her bed, and began reading a novel. The room was quiet. One could hear the ticking of a clock in the distance. The clock struck 11:00. The crickets began to croak outside Liam’s window. She began to slowly fall asleep, when a sudden “bang” caught her off guard. It came from the living room.

“Brother?” She called out, putting her book to the side. “Brother, is that you.” She got off her bed and carried herself to the front hall. The lights went off. The main power had been switched off from the power box.

“Brother, are you trying to scare me?” She tried to sound confident, but the vibrato in her tone gave her away. She couldn't see a thing, here eyes were not ajusted to the dark.  

She gave a short lived yelp, as a hand shot out from behind her, she tried to scream but he had clamped down hard over her mouth, barely allowing her to breath.

“God help me” She thought, as he slammed her to the ground, and boung her hands. 

"Save me please, Oh God save me" She thrashed upon the floor as he slowly began to strip her off her clothes. She wriggled in his tight grip, but found it impossible to move." where are you?!" She paniced as the tears began to pour down her cheeks; she tried to scream with all her breath as each moment passed, she tried to get away, till her body fell numb with pain and exausion, and her mind simply gave in, incapable of comprehending the situation. 

That night was long, that night was cold. That was the night the devil began to play his perverse and evil games, to shatter the peace that once painted their world in golden colours.

Humanity is not a human trait. It is a misconseption the devil uses to his absolute advantage.

The End

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