Chapter TwoMature

Xian Avory was seven years old when he first held his baby sister in his arms. He looked upon her tiny face, so frail and fearful, and at that moment made a sweet and innocent little promise.
“I promise to keep you safe.”
As the words slipped from his mouth, her screams quietened, as she looked upon this odd little boy, with pale skin and dark eyes, holding onto her tiny body, with his large awkward hands. She stared at him with her dark blue eyes for a few seconds, before continuing her mournful little cry.
Xian laughed heartily, as he rocked her gently in his arms. Her soft eye lids slowly closed, and she fell into a deep sleep. His voice was untrained and crass, but had a beautiful little melody to it, like the sound of running water over the rocks of a water fall. It was easy to fall asleep listening to him sing softly in her ear.
Xian Avory may have been an introverted little boy, with little athletic ability, and less scientific potential, but his skill at raising the little girl, was far above that of most adults double his age. He would take her to kindergarten every morning, and pick her up after his school was over every afternoon. His mother, constantly running from one job to another, had no time to teach her the basics such as numbers and reading, and thus Xian took it upon himself to act not only as her guardian but her teacher.
Mr.Holister, an old widower with a whole heart and sweet laugh was the only adult the children truely knew growing up. A close family friend, he was the closest thing the children had to a father, although, his presence was superficial. Even without his sharp guarding yes they would have thrived as the blossoming flowers of a full tree. 
A bond had formed between the two siblings, thicker than that of blood. It was bond between twin souls, meant to fight threw time and tide. It was the bond of Eternity. They could feel and understand each other, through the look in their eyes and the expression in their face, they were able to listen to what the other had to say without them having to so much as part their lips, there connection was deeper than the bluest seas went far beyond the boundaries of reality. Their lives were simple and uncomplicated. Their lives were beautiful, but the devil never liked beautiful things.


The End

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