Beneath the Velvet SkyMature

His aim in life was to kill the man who hurt her. Now, his job is complete, he searches through his old memories, wondering....What do I do now?

Authors note- Not my usual conventional style. Take heed, only read if above the age of thirteen, and have a strong stomuch!!


Chapter 1

“Don’t do it...please.” How pathetic. He was pleading for his life, wretched little bastard. I clicked off the safety latch, and jammed the nozzle into his temple.
Why? Why should I show him mercy? He didn’t spare her, he didn’t listen to her pleas and cries in the middle of the night. His brutality was relentless. And now she is gone, and he is still alive, and scot free. No, this scene was not going to play. I wouldn’t allow it, not in a thousand years.

I watched him fall to his knees, the sweat dripping down his pale thin face, the blood dribbling down his lips. He began pulling at the rope binding his arms.
 I wanted to hear it; I wanted to hear his dying scream. I wanted to hear it echo through the night sky, pain and torture mingled together in a symphony of revenge. It was sweet, oh so sweet.  

I dropped the gun from my hands. He breathed a soft sigh of relief. What a fucking idiot! He thought I was going to let him go?

I removed a small pocket knife from my jacket. I couldn’t help but smile slightly as his I watched his eyes look upon the knife with utter horror.

“What are you going to do to me...?” He began squirming and wriggling violently, pushing himself up against the wall.

“This is for my sister...” I hissed, as I thrusted the knife below his belt.
“THIS IS FOR WHAT YOU DID TO HER!!” I continued to thrust the knife into his arms and legs. I watched with utter fascination as the blood poured from his limbs. I listened with relief and ecstasy as he cried into the darkness. The tears and drool streamed down his face, as he writhed on the floor, in a pool of his own blood. One sharp thrust into his head, and the screams faded into the night sky. It was over. It was finally over. For my sister, I had won

 I walked into the moon light, just outside the tiny shed, gun in my hands, his blood all over my body. I smiled up to the sky. It looked so beautiful with the stars twinkling slightly in its velvet blue hue, and the moon looming over shedding it's pale light. I watched as the sun began to rise. The world was one again in accord. The chaos had ended. But....what was I supposed to do now? I lived only for the chaos that chased me through till the end of my escapade, now that it is over, what was I to do?

The End

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