Does goodbye mean forever?

When i got in, i ran to my bedroom frantically hoping to see my special friend at the top of the hill wishing me a goodnights sleep. There was nothing. The oak tree looked dead and frozen like nobody had been there for hundreds of years. Through the night, I tossed and turned trying to get to sleep but i couldn't stop myself from thinking about my night.

Everyday for the summer, I would walk up the hill towards my oak tree to gossip about my life to Sam. He was never there. For a while, I missed having Sam around because he was the only person I felt understood me and wanted to be my friend.

Although in my heart I felt sad, I felt a warm breeze in the air that cheered me up. It reminded me of Sam being around and the things we shared. It made me realise that Sam saw me in a different perspective that everyone else did. I remember him now as my angel. My guardian angel that helped me to think that I was beautiful, on the inside.

The first morning of autumn came and it was back to school. My mum had photographs out and i was desperate to know who was on them. She showed me photographs of her wedding and when she was a child. She showed me the last picture. It was a picture of my grandfather when he was little on the tyre swing. He looked just like Sam.

The End

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