Beneath the Oak Tree

This is only a short story of young girl finds forgotten beauty as she ventures out to her grandfather's old tyre swing where she meets a strange boy. Together they become close friends and share a secret. Where does he go? Why does he never meet up to see her again?

Beneath the oak tree. Beneath the oak tree lie many secrets, secrets of summer. Secrets only you know, secrets and memories that touch your soul with its warm embrace. But of corse, these moments don't last forever. Just for that one season that comes once a year. Summer is different for everyone. A chance to get a tan; a vacation, or for me, unexpected.

It comes round like every time, "summer's going to be great!" you hear people talking about it on the streets, "have you booked your hols yet?". But for me, it came round as if it was a surprise or a gift i had always wanted. I was nothing special, an average girl with nothing to lose. I didn't care much about the way i looked because I knew I couldn't change my ugly appearance whatever i did. I didn't have many friends either because nobody talks to 'losers'.

I swung. And swung. All day and night on my tyre swing my grandfather had put up when he was only young, like me. I guess it was his way of showing respect and giving me a chance to be free.

The End

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