William tries to contact the old mates

The city outside Cyan's open bedroom window continued to pulse with post-midnight vibrancy while a cool breeze touched her curtains. William, naked from the waist up and coated with a fine sheen of sweat, turned away and spoke to Cyan, who crouched at an open bureau drawer at the floor, “Okay, I've sent the pigeons on their way. We'll see.”

Cyan pulled things haphazardly from the drawer, from boxes, and discarded everything into a pile on the rickety old bed in the center of her single room apartment. Occasionally she would set things aside or pocket them, but mostly it was added to the pile. She inspected something for a moment, then tossed it over her shoulder, to land somewhere near the foot of the bed. Over her shoulder, she asked, “You already sent five pigeons through the Gap? I'm impressed. Your magic has indeed improved.”

William found a pillow case in the nightstand and wiped his brow with it, “Yes, there are many things about me that have changed since you last knew me, Cyan. You might be surprised.”

I'll bet.”

She pointed toward the dorm fridge next to the bed, “There's Stolis, Bacardi, and some Australian whiskey I won in a card game.”

I meant water.”

Well, there's the tap, but there's probably enough carcinogens in there to make drinking out of the toilet seem like a better option.”

Ugh. What kind of a world is this?”

A crappy one. Look, all I have to do is find the remaining three amulets of D'astrine and I am good to go. Why don't you take the money off my nightstand and buy some water at the store on the corner. I'll be ready by the time you get back.”

I don't understand... you must pay for the most abundant natural resource this planet has to offer?”

I know, I know. Crazy, huh?”

William shook his head with heavy amounts of disdain, “I would not live one moment in this hellish dimension.”

Yeah, well,” she snapped, “I've done a good job laying low and staying alive in this 'Hellish Dimension' up to this point, you know? So don't knock it.”

I'm sorry, Cyan,” he said as he pulled an undershirt over his head and snatched a fifty from the wad of bills on the nightstand next to her bed, “will this be enough?”

Hell if I know,” she giggled, “I just steal everything I need.”

The End

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