Unfinished business

William scowled at her for a moment, unbelieving, keeping his distance – if only emotionally, then dug inside his clothes in yet another secret pocket. Cyan smirked as she compared her former companion's attire to a Swiss Army Knife. She said nothing, however, knowing she was already on thin ice with him. Finally he pulled out a small golden locket and underhanded it to her, which she caught with deft precision. She cradled it in her palms and appraised it with a smile as William watched the vermin scurry around the alley.

I knew it was you,” he said, bluntly, “I mean, who else could it have been? Did you leave that for me?”

Cyan nodded and deposited the locket inside her breast pocket, “Or Demiscus. I knew one of you would have to come to inspect the body. Hermenicles was murdered, pure and simple. But magically. No one in this backwards dimension would ever know how to bring her murderer to justice.”

William sighed and suddenly inspected his boots. He mumbled to the ground, “Demiscus is dead.”

Cyan set her jaw and nodded knowingly. If this news surprised – or troubled – her in any way, William could not tell. She had always been one to keep her cards to her vest.

So... how many of us are left?”

William sighed heavily and looked up at the moon. It did little to illuminate his face, but it didn't need to.

Cyan knew every pore and wrinkle on that man's body.

Uhhhh, five?”

Gods damn it,” she spat into the night and dropped silently to the ground, “none of them were natural causes, you know.”

William's strides were longer than Cyan's, yet he struggled to keep up once she set forth down the alley. He shook his head and answered, “We couldn't prove anything in a thousand years.”

She harrumphed over her shoulder, “We'll be dead long before a thousand years.”

No matter his feelings for her after how they parted last time, there was something undeniable about her words when she decided to speak the truth. William nodded and said, “I agree.”

We're going to have to go back, you know, and settle this.”

William sighed heavily and returned, “I agree.”

Cyan stopped suddenly and whirled around. William collided awkwardly into her.

Contact the others,” she said, “whoever is still alive.”

The End

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