The Femail Point of ViewMature

She was porcelain, she was beautiful and nothing in that place could pull me away from her; from her smell, her breasts, her lips, eyes – those thighs I was pushing apart slightly and kneading as we kissed. I was awash in her, of her, for her. I was floating on a magnetic wisp of air and blood that held me and my manhood up and centered in her.


One moment we were there, in that crowded place with my heart about to explode and the next, I was beckoning to my chums that I was leaving; not caring whether they actually saw me motion to them or not. We were leaving; and she pulled slightly on my hand as if she was in a hurry to move and get out of that place – with me.


There were two or three shiny cabs waiting at the curb; their drivers certain of easy fares from people consuming one too many drinks and who were too conservative to risk driving drunk.  We came out of the bar and were met with a warm summer’s night. There was a slight breeze blowing and I noticed how it caught a portion of her beautiful hair as she opened the door to step out.


Upon seeing us arrive on the sidewalk, the lead cab lurched forward and stopped exactly where it should for us to easily stumble into it. Instead we stumbled into one another. I turned and she looked deeply into my eyes. As I met her eyes, I was completely lost again and stood shaking a little as she held me up and kissed me deeply. I felt so fucking lucky, hot and manly in that single moment that I could have lifted the sky right off the earth if she had only asked.


The neon lights, high up on the McCormick and Schmicks sign, blinked on and off; and were reflected on the outside of the cab as she swung open the back door. In one single fluid motion she slid herself inside the back seat, giving me another full glimpse of the inside of those gorgeous thighs I longed to touch and part. She was so graceful. I admired how she moved and wondered in that split second if she’d had any kind of training in dance or gymnastics. My maleness began to dance at the thought when a small giggle came from the backseat and two porcelain white arms emerged out of the darkness of the cab and into the light of the neon sign high up on the building above. She tugged my hand to follow her in. I did – gladly – madly - though not as gracefully.


I’m not sure how she gave the cabby instructions on where to go, because as soon as I got the least bit inside the cab and pulled the door closed behind me, I felt her grasp me, pulling me on top of her and kissing me hard as the cab pulled away from the curb and moved off into the night toward anywhere at all. “Oh fuck, this is so good!” I thought to myself as I slid my tongue inside her greedy mouth, meeting hers and slipping up and around and on each other’s, eventually matching up with a smoothness and syncopation that was driving me absolutely crazy. My manhood full on hard in my pants and pressing so close to her. My heart was wildly beating in my ears; and I felt like I could easily burst the seams apart on my taut Levis and slip hotly inside her.


Taking a moment to suck in a quick breath, I quickly glimpsed through the metal screen separating the backseat from the front. The driver was adjusting the radio and paying no attention at all to his backseat enthusiasts. This gave me even more confidence and just as I was about to turn and kiss her again, I felt her hand gently on mine, guiding me inside her blouse and squarely onto one of her tender breasts. The breasts I’d admired and longed for were in my clasp and as soon as that realization started setting into my overheated brain, her lips were there; and her hot tongue again massaging mine.


She moaned softly as I squeezed her breast; and while I marveled at the soft rounded and nippled hardness, her hand moved to my pants and grabbed my manhood, sending electricity shooting up my spine and into my hips. She moved up and down along my length and amazingly was able to pull me closer, while grinding hard against me.


I’d never been inside the backseat of a cab, doing this kind of thing before, and though there was no way I was able in the slightest to stop the glorious proceedings, I wondered to myself how much the cabby was about to witness and how long the ride would go on before we reached our destination. I was so almighty hard. In my mind’s eye I could see myself embarrassingly exiting the warmth of this woman and the cab in order to walk into her place – but I really didn’t think I was going to make it that long; the way she felt; the way she was kissing, moving, pulling and rubbing – I felt a strange tingle and knew I was going to explode in mere moments if things kept on this way.


I desperately wanted to be inside her, but felt awkward in the back seat of a cab. I could feel my eyes rolling back. Oh the sensations I was feeling as her lips separated from mine and I felt her hot breath on my ear. For the first time since we’d entered the cab; and apart from her moaning, she spoke – hotly, softly and desperately so close to my ear. “Go off darling. I want you so much – go ahead – go off now! I want to feel you cum!” I felt her lick my ear and suddenly I was an animal who could not stop, even if ordered at the risk of death. I was beyond caring about the ride, the cabby, the night or how anything looked. She was sucking softly on my ear lobe and I could feel her body against me, imagine her wetness, and feel her stroking me. I was taking in each soft moan she uttered as if I were an alcoholic, greedily tasting the first sips of a newly opened bottle.


I started moaning, and softly whispered how hot I thought she was, so very hot that I was about to go. She licked and whispered close to my ear again and that was it. Spasms overcame me. Hotly, suddenly my seed splattered the inside of my jeans, ramming full speed ahead, up my stomach and hotly out onto her clothing only God knows where – I felt her hold me fast and tight and kiss me so deeply on the neck that I was sure certain I’d have one hell of a hickey to talk about later.  Oh crap she’s good!” I thought as deep tremors from the unfathomable squirting overtook me and my life filled seamen came and came in waves straight from my beating heart and etched into my brow. I clasped her and nuzzled into her chest to find her breast as she continued holding me tighter than ever. I felt deep inside that she really knew me, knew how hard I was going – for her - at last – as she begged me to.


Finally spent, I slumped onto her, completely satisfied, uncaring what else happened, other than that I’d be with her forever. She kept her grip and her kiss on me and there were now distinct sucking sounds coming from her. “Man!” I thought to myself “She’s really into me! What a woman! She just made me cum and we weren’t even doing it!


I felt tired and so very spent, having just had the best non-sex sex in my whole entire life! I was ecstatic and as I moved slowly to get up off of her, she held me fast in her embrace and her kiss. There was suddenly no strength at all left in me to deal with this, no way to move, no way to tell her I was uncomfortable, that I was dizzy and falling into darkness - and then – no way to scream!


She held me and sucked the life she needed so desperately out of me. As my chalk-white face sunk deeper into her chest and my breathing slowed, and then stopped; my heart continued to beat, very slowly, still barely audible in my ears and knowingly she let me go and smacked her lips.


It was at that moment I knew that she’d known me all too well; known that I’d follow her, like a lamb to the slaughter, make love to her, and in the end both nourish her and become like her – a creature of the night. I love her body, and even now, when I meet her eyes, I’m completely lost again and shake a little as she holds me and kisses me deeply – to feed. I feel so fucking lucky.  

The End

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