Cassington House

It was dark by the time the girls reached Cassington House. It was smaller than Belle expected a residential building to be in a school with grounds as big as Attington’s.

    It had taken Belle and Anne almost ten minutes to make their way down the sloping field where the main building stood, and along the long, winding beige paths that led to the numerous residential buildings, separated by small blue sign posts pointing arrows in different directions. Finally, they came to Cassington; a small white house situated at the bottom end of campus.

    Even with the absence of sunlight, Belle could see the winding arms of the plants climbing the trellis that covered the area around the red door. The house almost appeared too small to be filled with dormitories, but Belle knew from experience that older houses seemed to extend back further than was apparent at the front.

    Old style street lamps created a soft glow that warmed Belle’s face as they drew closer to the front door. She took in Anne’s soft features for the first time that evening, under the glow of the light by where they were standing. After what had happened with her parents at the drop-off point, it wasn’t really the main thing on her mind as she took a seat in such an unfamiliar, different place.

    Anne’s hair was a great deal shorter than Belle’s; in fact it just reached her shoulders. Her side fringe was neatly clipped in place by a small butterfly pin; it’s light blue colour matching well with her solid blonde hair. As Anne looked up at Belle on opening the door, she realised her eyes were a striking green. How had Belle not noticed them before?

    “Nice isn’t it?” Anne said, breaking into Belle’s thoughts. “Cassington’s probably my favourite place to have a dormitory. I quite enjoyed my stay here three years ago when I was in year eight.” She pushed the door open and both the girls made their way into the small front room of the house.

    The carpet was a pleasant red colour, almost verging on burgundy. Plants and lamps as well as a couple of chairs sat alone, untouched in their place in the room. Belle supposed they were just for decoration.

    Anne led Belle up a small stairway and down a corridor on the first floor until they found their room. She let them in and turned on the lights.


The End

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