Chapter 1 : Bellatrix

Chapter 1 : Bellatrix

She felt her eyelids flicker. There was a pain just above her heart, as though she had been punched with immense force. She tasted metallic blood in her mouth, but she was lying on her back on a cold hard floor and couldn’t move to spit it out.

Her head was throbbing. For a moment she couldn’t remember what had happened, or even where she was.

Her fingers twitched by her side, curling reflexively for her wand. Her eyelids seemed much too heavy - she barely had the strength to open them a few millimetres.

The Great Hall, Hogwarts. She recognised it at once. She lay alone while a mass crowd of screaming wizards and witches sought to touch something in the middle.

Harry Potter. The battle. Lord Voldemort, the greatest Dark wizard ever to have triumphed.

Her memories returned in a flood and her sluggish blood seemed to boil. Her searching fingers found the wand she remembered taking from Remus Lupin and a strength filled her body from the touch of the warm wood.

She saw a cloak lying in a deserted heap nearby. For the moment the crowd seemed not to have noticed her but she was sharp enough to not risk being seen. As she pulled the rough cloak around her and raised the hood, she shivered in disgust.

It was Molly Weasley’s cloak. The touch of the blood traitor’s garment on her skin made it crawl.

The pain in her head and heart was fading. She looked around for her Master - why were they not fighting? Where were the Death Eaters? Was Voldemort in the centre of crowd?

She circled the oblivious mob like a stealthy wild cat, tense and with her wand at her side. Then she saw something that caused a howl to tear in her stomach and claw its way up her throat.

Lord Voldemort lay like the bodies of so many other Mudblood vermin, left on the floor unmoving much as Bellatrix had been. He was dead.

Bellatrix was alone.

The howl was trapped behind her tightly clamped lips and only a whimper escaped as she fled from the scene of the Dark Lord’s final fall. Water blurred her vision - what was this? - and a new pain stabbed her heart.

She couldn’t see but could only assume she had passed the Hogwarts gates as she turned unimpeded into the welcome crushing darkness.

The End

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