Bellatrix's Order

Kinda similar to the other one. A lot.

Prologue : Tom

He had looked into the boy’s eyes, and felt such hatred. Then he had felt a pain, much like the one he had experienced only once before in his cursed life, a pain beyond description that had torn him apart and flung him together again in a way that made him feel like the pieces didn’t match.

He was used to the darkness but now an intense light shone through his eyelids, eyelids that should not have existed had he been who he was before his death.

He opened the eyes. He was stood on a floor like marble, shrouded in mist but in front of a mirror.

A man, not a boy nor a thing, looked back at him.

The man had dark eyes sunk into a gaunt face that had once been handsome and black hair. He wore dark, shroud-like robes that swirled in the mist.

His Horcruxes were gone. In death, that which he so feared, was he…human?

He staggered into the mist, wondering if he was dead. Already memories of his evil existence were filtering away. Who was he?

Who was that boy he saw in his mind’s eye, who he felt an inexplicable hatred towards? And the cold feeling around his neck, where he felt sure something should be settled?

The mist disappeared and he was stood under a vast glass domed ceiling. There was nothing beyond it.

Something whimpered and cried in the fog. He saw the source and recoiled in horror and disgust. A flayed, raw-skinned small child sobbed under a chair. He knew it was something to do with him, the wailing felt as though it was coming from inside where his heart should be. He stumbled away, but the thing’s cries filled his head, rose to an unbearable loudness inside him until there was nothing but the thing’s wailing scream.

The End

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