Jason Mason


Jason was, well...he wasn't exactly the hippest kid in school. With a name like Jason Mason you can probably gather why. In addition to the frankly ridiculous name his parents had decided to give him whilst supposedly high on some exotic substance or perhaps just down right cruel, he was small with glasses not dissimilar to my own, a hearing aid and leg braces, because his bones were crooked and this was the way seen to rectify the problem.

How his parents could so heartily drive him to school and push him out of the car to the sneering, hideous faces that he had to deal with is beyond me. However, I digress, back to my story.

It was my third year of primary school, and well, to put it bluntly, I had a crush on Jason Mason. Thats right. One can see where I am gravitating towards. One lunch break I saw Jason sat on his usual seat, alone, facing the wall. I moved with trepidation through the bustling dining hall and sat myself one seat away from him. His eyes breifly lifted to acknowledge my presence, then returned to his peanut butter sandwich.

'Hello.' I attempted.

A sort of gutteral grunt seemed to emit from his throat. I took this as a positive sign.

'I...I...Well, I'm Bella, I don't think we've ever spoken before but you looked a bit on your own over here so-'

'Thats the way I like it.' He retorted.

'Well...I just thought, maybe we could be friends?'

'Why would you think that?' He said a little louder, attracting the attention of the nearest tables.

'I'm sorry, its just that I thought you...' I drifted off, desperately trying to avert myself from the attention of the others.

'Look, I keep myself to myself okay? I don't want friends.' He turned away, and I heard a quiet guffaw from a couple of girls behind me. Determined to, for once, be heard I, for some absurd reason, thought by confessing my feelings for him, Jason could come round. Yes. I know.

'YOU? And ME? Why would I want SMELLA BELLA as my girlfriend? Get away from me you brace faced freak!'

And off he marched in utter disgust, whilst I sat, the jeers and laughter echoing in my ears. I was rejected by the most uncool boy in school.

And you can imagine where that left me.

The End

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