The Unsolvable Problem.

You see, I can handle complicated equations. Even if it takes me hours and hours, I become neither frustrated nor angry. And yet when it comes to, well, that is to say when I am confronted with a person of the opposite sex...well, I tend to fall apart, and all my perfected eloquence and solid intellect seems to...disintergrate. And because of what?

A different set of reproductive organs thats what.

I would not own to being a 'cool' person. I have my books, my job, and well, my cat Tito, and I can honestly say I am completely fulfilled in life. I hate to romanticise anything and I do not believe that 'Prince Charming' exists, or ever did for that matter. I only ask that I am not ridiculed. It is rather pathetic, I feel, to be talking of 'bullies' at my time of life. A twentysomething of my stature and state in life should feel empowered. I am paid an adequate sum, I live in an apartment overlooking the park where I can watch all the people coming and going, living out their lives. And yet I feel that people talk. It is inevitable I suppose. I have been bullied ever since I started school.

Laughable as it is, with my thick spectacles and head-brace, I was not the one who got most severely bullied. That was Jason. And he is the reason I have an abnormal and inexplicably irrational aversion to the male sex.

It started at the age of 7, when I had just moved into year three of primary school.

The End

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