The Day It All Started


I grabbed my books out of my locker and slammed the door. I wasn't angry, but the only way they would stay shut was if you slammed them. I stuffed my books into my bag and started walking away, but a voice made me jump.

"Boo! What do you have next then, Harriet?"

"Ben, you made me jump! And I've got English, what about you?"

"Umm... Info Tech I think... yeah, IT." My brother, Ben, said.

"Oh, well I'm off this way, see you later!" I called, walking off to join my friends. Of course none of them meant as much to me as my brother - no, my brother was my world, and I'm his. We wouldn't be able to live if one of us went.

I heard a scream. Ben's scream. It wasn't just one of those little yelps you do when someone scares you; it was a proper scream. He was terrified. I ran back the way I came, ignoring anyone who called my name or tried to stop me. Suddenly, I came to a halt. A creature was standing infront of me, it's legs wide and it's shoulders hunched up... It looked hungry.

As it stumbled towards me I registered what it was: a zombie! As a quick reaction, I started to run away, but stopped. My brother's life was on the line and what was I doing? Nothing. I turned back to see it limping after me, so I run up to it and duck, sliding between it's legs. I carry on sliding until I meet Ben, who was being stretched out by another two. I gasped - the two holding Ben were Mrs. Jones and Mr. Clarks!

"Ben!" I called with a shaking voice.

"Harriet! What are you doing here? Are you okay?" He said, struggling to get free.

"Yes I'm fine, but what about you? What happened and why the hell are Mrs. Jones and Mr. Clarks zombies?" I questioned.

"I don't know. But I'm fine, just a bit -- Harriet!"

Suddenly, two more zombies came and roughly grabbed me, and started dragging me away. I did everything I could to get away but they were too strong...

The End

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