It was strange how nice it felt to be with him, it reminded me of the way Bella felt about Jacob (not realy into twilight but forced to follow it or be confused.) I felt like I was being warmed inside and out, I felt happy. Our time together in science was hillarious, he cracked a few jokes and, however lame they were I could hardly control the laughter. My happy mood faded when outside the door I saw Darien and his gang, waiting. Aarron seemed to catch my train of thought and intercepted me at the door, staying at my side.

"Hey Rosie" Darien was talking to me, and he knew my name, normally I would have loved this but now.......

"Hello" I was being sharp with him, my tone as cold as the arctic. This was good. I smiled inwardly.

"How have you been, I've missed you" Darien smiled warmly, I just scowled.

     I saw Aarrons friendly mask showing a slight bit of anger...then in a split second it was gone. I smiled inwardly again "Better." I paused "At least better now I've been left alone by you" this time my smile showed on the outside, my mocking and smug smile. Darien took a step toward me "No need to be rude" he extended a hand "I just wanted to see my favorite girl" I turned away from him, laughing just enough for him to see I wasn't buying it. Aarron caught on, I forgot him for a second. We started walking down the hall toward History, another lesson we had together.

"That was weird" Aarron commented "Whats going on between you two?" I sensed a double meaning.

"Long story short I had a crush on him and he picked on me, I got over him but he never stopped, and now I'm not interested he's trying to win me over like every other girl at school." my face felt hot, I was embarred yes, but anger was dominant on my features.

Aarron began laughing "He realy is an idiot, I mean he had a chance with you but turned it down" he shook his head "what an idiot" Aarron seemed to fully absorb the words and stopped laughing "wait, how bad did he bully you exactly?"

I sighed "y'know the pranks I mentioned, Darien pulled them and he embarressed me publicly on a daily basis, ever since he got his braces off he turned into a jerk!" I realised I needed to calm down before I scared Aarron.

Aarron laughed " like I said, he's an idiot. I dont understand how he could do that to you, I could never hurt you in any way, no matter what I felt"

I stared at him for a second, he was lost in thought. We entered the drama room and quietly put ourbags down, placing ourselves in the circle. Class then began to start..........

The End

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