I was just about to knock the door, when it flung open, Catie was standing at the door with an impatient look on her face. She shouted bye to her mum and began asking me questions about his hair, his eyes, his everything. Whenever I blushed she started to ask me if I like liked him and when I flat out said no she just said 'uh-huh, sure you dont' and winked. We got to school in no time at all, though it felt like forever. I spotted Aarron strait away and, after following my gaze she dragged me over to him. Aarron looked at me and smiled, I blushed and I was pushed directly infront of him. Aarrons deep blue eyes held mine until Catie interrupted 'clearing her throat'.

"oh,right. Aarron, Catie, Catie, Aarron" I gestured between them.

"Pleased to meet you Catie, I've heard all about you. Rosie's lucky to have a friend like you" Aarron smiled again. Catie looked at me and mouthed 'wow' and I rolled my eyes. "Well, Rosie I have to....go...over there cya" she winked. I had been abandoned, to face Aarron alone, yet again. I sighed. He laughed "your friend is still watching. How sweet" he said this sincerely and without a hint of sarcasm, so I smiled. "I'm lucky to have her as a friend" I agreed. He looked at me the blue of his eyes glistening like crystal clear lakes, he noticed me staring I was sure of it but, I couldn't look away not even if I wanted too. We seemed to stare at eachother for what felt like hour, but in reality was only a few seconds. "I'd like to walk with you to class, if you dont mind that is" I wasn't sure but it looked like he was blushing, getting more nervous with every passing second. "Sure" I smiled "that would be nice" he smiled down at me and looked deeply into my eyes "everyone will stare"he whispered. I knew he was right everyone would deffinately stare "I dont care" I whispered back, he laughed and I just listened. I had only known Aarron for no more than 24 hours but I was well and truly kneck deep in my danger zone. And, like I'd just said, I didn't care.

The End

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