Oh crud!

I was glad when the hour was up, I couldn't take anymore of that. I walked out the door and began to turn toward the library when something caught my sleeve. I was turned in a 360 only to see Darien and his cohorts smiling. Ian had a tight hold on my sleeve. My eyes widened in panic and I'm pretty sure my hands were shaking. They seemed to like that. "Dont worry Rose we wont hurt you" Darien came through the collection of thugs and winked. I blushed,I think but only because my face was getting hot, suddenly I felt angry. Darien got closer and my anger got worse. Darien was 1 metre away and somehow I wriggled free, they laughed again. I glared, but they only laughed harder so I stalked off in the opposite direction. "Rose!" I heard someone running behind me"Rosie! hey! wait up, I thought I'd missed you, sorry if I kept you waiting" Stangley I felt the sound of Aarron's voice comforting and I smiled, that was rare. He smiled back and I found talking to him was easy, we talked through lunch and he helped me in science (our last period! hooray!) Aarron left me at the gate and I walked home, happier than usual. The rest of that week followed the same routine (excluding my run in with Darien.) My best friend was finally better and could now come to school, awnser the phone, go on the internet etc. So on Wednesday I walked to her house, ready for interrogation.

The End

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