Aarron was with me most of today until we got to Geography the one extra subject I was forced into by my all too eager teachers. "See you after class Rosie" Aarron smiled warmly, I was beginning to like Aarron, he no-longer seemed like the annoing tag-along with spotlights atached. He was growing on me. I realised I was staring after him when the usual crowds pushed into me. I walked in, sat down got out my pencilcase and stayed quiet. "Class, this is your last lesson to finish your SA on volcanoes, so please use the time wisely" Mr Dultans was called out of the room after that and the chatter started. I heard several people saying things I didn't want to hear. "He realy seem to like Rosie though, it's weird. I mean look at her" they all stared at me and obviously knew I could hear them because they shut up after that. Then there was a voice coming from infront of me and I looked up, only to see I was surrounded by Dariens 'groupies'. "Hey Rosie!" they were being friendly all of a sudden and it was freaking me out, so I just at them blankly "you and that Aarron kid seem to get along well" great! we were going to have this conversation! I shrugged my shoulders "We were just wondering,you know, how well you 2 get along" they all stared at me waiting for a reply I simply awnsered "we're friends, yes" I guesse they knew they weren't going to get anymore out of me because they stopped directly asking me questions and started fantasizing and squealing.

The End

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