Aarron talked to me at regular intervals, I nodded and used alot of one word awnsers trying to discourage him. It didn't work. I looked up a couple of times and saw darien staring, looking confused huh. I guesse this isn't a prank. Aarron was a genuinely nice person, however he always drew the public eye, his brilliant red hair a beacon for attension. And where there was attension, there was generally a slip up involving me. What bugged me was he never stopped smiling, he seemed to always be enthusiastic. He never left me alone, I had the duty of showing him around and even when offered by several pretty girls he said he would stick with me. He knew he annoyed me too and persisted in doing so. "do you enjoy bugging me?"

"excuse me?" he laughed

"you seem to find joy in my embarssment"

"no, not joy"

"well then would you be so kind as to tell me what then"

"I think it's cute" he laughed "your emotions come out all jumbled up, it's cute" he beamed

"cute" I repeated "you think my anger is cute"

"pretty much" he smiled. Did I mention Aarron was bugging me?

If he isn't careful he's going to find me absolutely adorable

The End

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