I walked as slowly as I could praying that today would be better, not great but at least  less humiliating than yesterday. But sure enough as soon as I tried to act normal I fell flat on my face. I tried to walk past Darien and his little group as normally as possible, acting like I didn't care, but luck was not on my side. I walked past Darien and his group only to be tripped up, by Darien. I shut my eyes as tightly as I could kill me now I thought please...just kill me!

"Are you okay?" I heard a voice inches away and opened my eyes, a boy with fiery red hair and deep blue eyes was kneeling beside me, with a kind smile on his face. I sat up "um...yes,thankyou"         

"here" he held out his hand "let me help you up" he grabbed my hand and oh so carefully pulled me up "thank you"                                    He smiled "no problem, I'm Aarron by the way"                                      "Rosalinda"  I was slightly confused to say the least.                          "It's my first day here, and everyone's already staring" I looked around, and sure enough he was right, people were staring. "Though it's probably because I'm standing with such a beautiful girl" I blinked, shocked.

"Hardly" I muttered. He looked at me

"Pretty girl,with a breathtaking smile. Her eyes as green and beautiful as the amazon and long brown hair like chinese silk. Doubting herself and looking through a cloudy sky trying to see the light. Her smile is my light and her laughter my breath."

No doubt everyone had heard that, it didn't seem to bother him though "sorry, I'm kind of an improv writer, it's a habit" he chuckled. "Is this a prank?" I asked, growing suspicious.                                   He shook his head "no, why would you think this was a prank?"  He tilted his head to the side, his blue eyes stared into mine.

"Well, the 'popular kids' like to do this kind of thing, I'm an easy target I guesse" he looked apppauled and shocked when I began explaining various pranks that had been played on me in the past."Well, I can assure you this is no prank" he looked at the clock "we'd better get to class, we have 10 minutes, but I still have to get my time table" he began to walk away and then turned to face me " talk to you later Rosalinda" he called. I waved back and turned to go too. I was aware that people were staring,and it made me uncomfortable, I was sure I would end up humiliating myself even more than usual with all of these eyes on me.

First lesson was music, the moment, I'd been trying desperately to forget. Miss Leeway didn't seem to forget her decision to have me sing my song infront of the class, she had her special performance spot ready and I realised it could be worse...

"Today class we have a new student joining our ensemble so please welcome him with open arms..." please no! anyone but...."Aarron Reedmast, please come in and take a seat" Aarron walked in and smiled "Aarron why dont you sit next to Rosalinda, she'll show you around" Aarron nodded and sat next next to me "Rosalinda, it's time for your demonstation" I groaned internally   

"Yes miss" I walked to the front and looked down panic breaking out across my face. I opened my mouth and was just about to sing the first line when...

"excuse me Miss Leeway, wouldn't this be better with a musical accompanyment?"                                        

"Yes it would but no-"                                                                        

"I could work with Rosie and then it could be performed properly"  

"That is very kind of you Aarron. Rosie?"                                           


Aarron smiled.

"Than it's settled Aarron and Rosie will perform in one month."

The End

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