Deja Vu

DEJA VU, I thought. My vision was fuzzy, and I had to let it re focus. The only thing that changed was the things and people around me, not that I could really tell.
"Taylor?" I thought I heard my name being spoken, a half whisper muddled up with a thick fog that surrounded my ears. I tried to answer, but my mouth wouldn't move. It opened just a fraction of an inch, and no words would come out. Not a sound. Oh no. What was wrong with me? My vision was still foggy and so was my hearing. It normally cleared up in 3 seconds, 10 seconds at the latest. I blinked a few times. I could see 3 faces staring down at me. One was mum..I think, and there was a man and a boy. But I couldn't make out who they were. I rubbed my eyes, and as I did, I felt something moving in my eyes. They were irritating my eyes. My mum leaned over and pulled them out. I managed to get a quick glance of what they were before Mum put them on the small table next to me. Contacts? But..why?? I still couldn't hear properly, so I rubbed my ears. Cotton wool, in my ears. What?! I sat up, and glanced at my surroundings. I pulled out the wool and placed them on the table. Then I realised I could see properly, and where I was..and who was with me. I was in Then it all came back to me, my knee, the plug..And the people who were with me. I was right about Mum, and the boy was Drew. That was nice of him, but something distracted me more. The man. The man, why did I have to have this stupid accident? The father. I was getting vague flashbacks of when I was six years old. The happy days. We were a family, happy together. Then the horrible flashbacks. When I was eight years old, my mum and dad had an arguement. No biggie, all parents argue right? But then, it got ugly. My dad had thrown her phone, and then punched her in the face. He'd ripped clumps of her hair out. I could remember my mum's mortified face when he started to hurt her. And it wasn't even like he did it..alone. He abused my mother infront of his own daughter, at eight years old. A memory that would scar me for life. I shook the horrifying memories from my head and tried not to stare at my dad, with disgust. I thought of how nice it had been for Drew to come and see me, out of his own time. Gigi better not find out. She would go ballastic. Not just at me, but at Drew. Why had he done this? I felt a sudden chill of cold, and I tucked my arms underneath the thin white sheet that covered me. The sheet probably looked about the same as me right now. Thats what I felt like, anyway. I went to move my hand, but a sheet of folded up paper caught my hand. I peeked underneath the blanket and opened it. Damn it, it was the I LOVE YOU I had wrote to Drew. I tucked it underneath me.
"Taylor? Can you hear me, honey?" My Mums voice chimed.  I turned my head and nodded.
"Oh honey," she said, leaning down to kiss me on the cheek.
"Why did I have contacts in and cotton wool?" I asked. It hurt when I spoke, like a blade scraping the back of my throat.
"Oh. They had to put drugs in you, but you wasn't having any of it so they had to try and block off your hearing and vision, and that was the best they could do." Ah. This explained.
"And, Drew, why did you bother coming? I mean GiGi is gonna go bonkers at you, if she finds out." I tried to say it as kindly as possible. I felt like an interviewer. Before Drew could answer my question, I got mum to get me a drink. And I made Dad go find the nurse, tell her I'm ok.
"Well, I saw the ambulance come to your house this morning, and..well I was a little worried. So I spoke to your Mum and she told me what happened. Gigi was doing my head in last night, she would not stop phoning me and having a go at me so I ended it." He said. Ended what? I thought dumbly. HE KILLED HER?! I screamed in my head. Then I realised. Ohhhh!! He dumped her. I hope he did it and made it painful. Told her what a screwed up tart she was. Probably not. He wasn't like that...My thoughts were interrupted by him carrying on his story. He said it calmly. Nicely. Sweetly. I sighed over him.
"And..Well shes not the boss of me, now is she? I mean it's my life..Right?" His tone got deeper, he stared deep into my eyes. I felt my self staring back, I tried to snap out of it but I couldn't. His crystal blue eyes glistened from the hint of sun peeking through the slitted parts of the beige blind. His messy but casual light brown hair fell just a fraction of a millimetre, catching the very corner of my eye, but my eyes did not unlock from his. Still looking, he took something from the pocket of his faded jeans. A piece of paper? I was so curious, I was almost uncomftorble. But my eyes would not tear away. Too bad anyway, he broke the gaze by holding the-(I was right)-piece of paper above his eyes. Seeing as my eyes were already focused there, I began to read what the blue marker had to say.
I LOVE YOU, It read. I love you? What? That don't make sense. I love you? I repeated the three words over and over. I rubbed my eyes several times. They didn't disappear. I even pinched myself I was that unsure of it.  As if Drew knew what chaos was running through my head, he spoke.
"I love you," He said. I reached underneath me and took mine out. I breathed. My heart had accellerated by 100 miles per hour since I had been the interviewer. I unfolded it and showed him. His soft eyes read the red marker slowly.  I took what might have been the deepest breath I had taken in my life, from the bottom of my hyperventilating lungs.
"I love you too," I breathed. He was leaning in, I felt myself falling slowly forward. Our lips finally met and didn't let go until 10 seconds afterwards. About 3 seconds after his soft lips touched mine, I heard the footsteps of both my Mum and Dad walking in. And the nurse. Normally I would have flushed cherry red and ripped away immediately, but I couldn't. When we let go, his finger gently touched my cheekbone and smoothly ran down my face and his hand cupped my chin. At that moment, his handed drifted away from my face and into my hand. Our heads then gently turned to my parents and the nurse.
"Hi." I said, like nothing had just happened.
"Hi," My mum replied, a smile to her voice and she dragged the 'i' on a bit so it was more like: Hiiii! I laughed quietly under my breath at her response. I knew it was going to be 20 questions when we got home. Actually, knowing my mum, more like 50 questions. I loved my Mum. She was like the best friend I never had.
"OK, so your cast should be able to come off in about 2 and a half weeks," The nurse laughed. Not bad, I thought happily to myself. "You are officially discharged." She smiled, cupping her hands together as she said it. I smiled back.
"Thanks," I replied, and grabbed the crutches next to me. I slotted my arms into the grey, plastic circles and grabbed the rubber handles. I worked them like I was an expert..I hadn't used the before in my life. Suddenly, that now I was with Drew, everything seemed....good. I was an optimist, compared to the pessimist I had been just a few days ago. Lastnight, even. I shut myself in the car, and sighed at the wonderful world.

The End

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