I WOKE UP after what felt like 10 minutes of sleep. Which I probably only had. I let my eyes re focus and then glanced at my digital clock on my bedside table. 7.30? This was late for me. I jumped out of bed in a hurry and fell on my knee, on a plug for my hairdryer. Thinking it was nothing, I tried to pull myself up by the edge of my bed, but every time I tried, a sharp shooting pain flared in the bottom half of my thigh all the way down to the top of my shin. I winced every time I moved. I stared at my clock again. It was nearly 20 to 8. The school bus would be here in 20 minutes! Rubbish, I thought. What am I gonna do?
"Mum?" I half yelled, trying to block out the pain tearing down my leg.
"Yes honey? I hope you are ready for school!" She yelled back.
"Not really, I just got up 10 minutes ago. Can you come here please?" I heard a sigh, a very loud one, and I imagined she would be rolling her eyes. Her footsteps started up the stairs.
"What's wrong? Get up, ya wholly why you sitting there?" She asked, entering my room. At this point, I had my head resting on my bed and my sore leg was cupped by my right palm, looking very much like a disabled person.
"Yeah..Uhh... Mum? I think I might have broken my leg or something," I winced. The pain was unbearable. I gritted my teeth together, again trying to block out the hideous pain.
"I'm sure it's nothing. Get your stuff together for school, you're going to be late," She nagged. It sure is not nothing.
"Mum. It really hurts. I fell off my bed and my knee landed on the hairdryer plug, and I am trying my best not to make a big deal out of this!" as I said this, I stared deeply into her crystal blue eyes and concentrated on her long, straight, silky brunette hair.
"Ok, I will check it out," She said, giving in. She gently tapped just underneath my knee with her index finger. I jumped, and the pain burned my leg again. Like somebody setting fire to the inside of my leg.
"Owww...." I moaned, an instant reaction.
"I think we might have to get you to a doctor." My mum said, her teeth bared like she was in pain, as if she could feel what I was feeling.
"Get me to a doctor? No way, uh-uh. The doctor can come to me. I can't move a muscle, Mum!" I groaned.
"Well the doctor could take quite a long time..we are gonna have to call an ambulance."
"Awwhhhh," I moaned. This was not my day. My mum picked up the phone and started dialing 999. She walked out of my room and her voice started fading as she paced out of my bedroom and down the stairs. A clatter from behind me made my head snap round immediately. It was Drew, his schoolbag just fell from his desk and tipped it over. The look on his startled face was very amusing. I couldn't help myself but to laugh.
"The ambulance is on its way," My mum called up to me.
"OK," I replied, trying not to move. Oh no, I thought. My bedroom is so messy!! Now I'm gonna have paramedics coming round. Another addition to my bad day.

The End

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