Believe in yourself

I'm only like, 10 years old and I really want to be an author when I'm old enough. Enjoy! :)

I SAT DOWN on my bed and threw my red and black rucsac into the corner of my room. Opening my curtains, I smiled at Drew. I turned on my CD player and pulled out my big notepad from underneath my bed and wrote 'You OK :)' And showed it to Drew. 'Not really, I think I have done something wrong' he put, gesturing to the phone. Ah, he had just been on the phone to his girlfriend, GiGi. Ugh. I hated her. She didn't love Drew, she didn't deserve him. I deserve him. But, apparently, he wanted her, so I stuck with that. 'Sorry :(' I wrote, and showed him. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders. I was tired of him being so sad because of her, I wanted to tell him the truth. I finally plucked up the courage and started squeaking on my notepad: 'I love you.' But when I looked up, his curtain was shut. I frowned to myself and held it up anyway. I put it on my bed and started dancing around. I thought I felt his eyes on my back, but I didn't care. Here were the differences between me and GiGi: GiGi wears miniskirts, I wear quarter lengths/trousers. She wears belly tops, I wear t-shirts. She wears high heels, I wear sneakers. GiGi has Drew. I don't. I sighed. I looked at myself in the mirror. 18 years old. Blonde, naturally neatly tonged hair, tied back. I took the hair band out and ruffled it a little to get the posture back. I shifted my (huge) square shaped, black framed glasses back into position and laid on my bed, spread out. I sighed deeply then heard my mum calling me for dinner downstairs.
"Coming," I shouted, and started making my way downstairs. I stared at my dinner. Ew, Spaghetti and meatballs. I secretly fed the meatballs to my dog, Bella, and ran upstairs with my spaghetti. I threw 1/2 of it into the trash just outside my window, so it was easy to get in there. I ate the revolting pasta and took the almost empty plate downstairs and grabbed a glass of water.
"G'night," I said to my mum, and blew her a kiss, although I knew I probably wouldnt sleep until about 12 am. I slumped back upstairs and peeked through my curtains to see if Drew had decided to come back out. He was sprawled accross his bed with his eyes shut. I glanced at my clock. 9.00 pm? He was not asleep. I pulled out an A4 piece of paper and wrote: Hey! I folded it into a paper plane and threw it out of my window. It soared into his room and hit his bed. The noise must have startled him, because he jumped when it landed. He opened it up with a puzzled expression, then obviously realised it was me, so he looked up and smirked. Very quickly, he folded it back up and threw it back at me, but because he did it so quickly, his aim was very poor and it hit the window and crumpled up. We both laughed hysterically..Maybe I went a bit too loud though because my Mum practically screamed at me.
Drew must have heard because he fell on his bed when she screamed.
"Sorry," I giggled back loudly, not AS loud this time though. Drew walked towards his window, and leaned out, breathing in the fresh air, as if he had been locked in a hot, condensed room for a week. I did the same, and then realised how good it felt. The breeze was not gentle, but it was not angry. It was not freezing, but it was not just cold. It was all so just right. Just like Drew..I thought, but then shook the thoughts from my head. He was with GiGi..And he loved her..But Why? I thought. My thougths trailed on into the deep depths of my mind, of which were shortly interrupted by a faint tapping on the window about 4 metres away from mine. This made me jump.
"Hm? Yeah?" I said, awaking from my daydream.
"Tay, I gotta go, my mum is making me do the stupid chores," He whispered, rolling his eyes.
"Oh...Okay then," I said, feeling a bit dissapointed. "Drew?" I asked, without thinking. I wanted to show him the letter. But I chickened out.
"Yeah?" He answered, snapping his head back round. Crap. Ideas, ideas, ideas, I thought.
"Uhm..I'll see you at school," I muttered quickly. What a lame excuse.
"Yeah," He said back slowly, sounding almost dissapointed. I watched him exit his room. I waited until the door shut and I turned the CD player and lights off, then went to sleep. Well tried, anyway.

The End

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