Hatred, envy, love. What would you do if they coincide?

I stood in front of my window and looked outside. It was a very pleasant day. I surveyed our yard and can’t help but smile for I can see in every corner, the memories of my childhood. Memories I would cherish forever. Memories like when mom and dad used to play with me and Krystal all day, when I used to come running back home to show my mom the star that I got from school teacher, when I used to go home to excitedly to show them the medals and trophies I won from a competition, when all our neighbors congratulate me after a program where I sang a song, when…

“Sica… Breakfast is ready!” A loud shout came from the kitchen and after a few seconds, the head of that certain girl poked inside my room. She looked at me smiling from ear to ear while I just glanced at her and did not even bother to give back her smile. I heard her step inside my room as I turned back my attention to the scenery outside.

“I told you to knock first before you even open my door.”

I heard her sigh as she said a soft I’m sorry. Though I cannot see her because I was facing the window, I can still imagine her pout right after the soft I’m sorry. It was a mannerism that she never really got rid of.

Aish. I hate her.

I rolled my eyes feeling rather annoyed at this particular girl.

“I’ll go out a bit later.”

Getting the hint that I want her to go before me, she slowly closed the door and quietly left my room.

I sighed.

And that is the girl I hate the most in the whole wide world. Kwon Yuri.

 She’s an attention thief, a great pretender, a gifted schemer, an oh so brilliant girl…

I walked towards my drawer and took out my diary. I flipped a few pages and there in the middle of two pages is an already dried, red tulip.

and a promise breaker…

I turned my head towards the door and stared at the place where I thought she was, a while ago.

I’m regretting the time I saved her… I should have just left her to die there.. because… because she did not only steal my family, she also stole my heart and left me with nothing. She has taken everything and I hate her for doing that.

I closed my diary and brushed the tears that managed to escape from my eyes. I opened my drawer and placed my diary inside.

“You told me to believe you and I did. But still… you had the heart to lie to me.”

I slammed my drawer shut, angry more at myself for letting the memories bother me again. I walked towards the door and gave the drawer a last look before finally leaving the room.

The End

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