There he was in all his perfection, winning the game and the heart of every girl in school, especially mine. Darien was coming this way, I leaned against a wall in an attempt to look cool, and unfortunately, it failed. I leaned back and fell to the floor I tried not to look but I couldn't help it, he walked pass me, laughing, with Angela the deffinition of evil. I lay there for a second and allowed the shame to consume and overwhelm me. After considering my best option was to get off the floor before I became the centre of attension I got up. With my head down I walked to my next, well at least I can't draw any unnecessary attension to myself there, I'm not exactly what theywould call 'musically talented' as 'musically challenged' is generally a better description.  Reluctantly I took my seat and waited for class to begin. Miss Leeway was late and in a worse mood than usual "I have reviewed your coursework, and I must say I am dissapointed."she began to shoot daggers in almost every direction " there is one in particular that is beyond bad...Mr Davison, 'I met this chick and we got on real well like' is not a line we use when writing songs" Darien smiled smugly, he was proud of being ranted at, one of the many things I like about him, he is what he is....."all of your songs seemed to follow a similar pattern,accept one...." DONT SAY IT! PLEASE DONT SAY IT! "Miss Rosalinda Cartright, your song entitled 'believe' is beautiful, my favorite line is 'you can do anything as long as you can dream, believe in love, believe in him, it's easier than it seems.' I'm dying to hear how it goes! how about a demonstration?"  I looked around at the probing eyes, waiting for 'Miss Goody Goodies' reply. I thought on my feet, "I cant Miss, I have a soar throat" I croaked.

 She sighed "tommorrow, NO excuses"  It was obvious this issue wansn't up for debate and tommorrow spelled my doom!

The rest of the day took me further down the road of humiliation and, after getting a shakespeare question right and tripping over an extension cord in drama, I had given up. I was glad when we were dismissed at 2:30 to go home, I walked alone, my best friend Catie (pronounced like katie) with a C, was ill so I took a shortcut and was home in record time. I shut the door behind me and rolled my heavy rucksack off my back. "Rosie, I'm going out, you can hold down the fort here can't you?" one thing about my mum you should know is she does everything in her power to make money, no matter what, if you know what I'm saying, my mum is 30 but the job she does isn't just for teenagers trying to pay 'tuition'. "Sure mum, I've got it" I smiled "love you" she kissed my forehead,

 "love you too hun, thanks" and she was gone.

"Andy!" I called from the bottom of the stairs "Andy!" his little head popped around the corner

"what? i'm playing call of duty" I laughed

 "Mums out tonight so I'm in charge" I beamed "pizza sound good?" "yay!" he jumped up and down "Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! woooooooh!"     "okay, okay cool it, first go upstairs, get in the bath and put on your pj's, the pizza will be ready by then" he ran up the stairs quick enough to think there was a fire. Dinner was quiet except for the odd slurp coming from Andy and his rather large glass of coke, I dont even know how he tricked me into that one! I decided to wait for Mum to come home and I settled down to watch a sappy romance/ magic /horror movie set in medieval times all about how a princess met a sorcerror and magic was forbidden, they fell in love, danger and perol yada yada yada and before I knew it, it was morning. Andy got ready for school relitavely quickly and was picked up at 7:30 sharp. I still had 15 minutes before I had to leave, so I decided to try and prepare myself for music, where my life would go from bad to worse. 

The End

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