A Birth Hidden

"Come now, Lucy. Let him go."

"I. I don't. I can't," the girl stuttered and murmered as she lovingly stared into the eyes of her newborn baby. She had promised to behave if they had just let her see her son. Just a peek and she'd let them take him away. But she wasn't too sure if she could, anymore.

"Lucy, give me the child!" Iridian massaged her temples and grimaced. The girl was being too difficult! It was either let the baby be taken away to safety or have her and her child in constant danger. Iridian paced back and forth, her dark cloak billowing out behind her. She was dressed the part for sneaking and deceiving. If only she could have the baby and be away!

"Iridian, you've never had a child. You can't understand." The baby stared back at her like he understood. His eyes were sad and Lucy started to cry as she hugged him tighter, her auburn hair covering him. As if she could protect him from everything that laid outside and keep him with her. "Maybe if we told Ryan he could help us! Who wouldn't want to save their only son? If we gave him the chance-"

"No!" Iridian screamed. Lucy stared at her, aghast. Iridian was always slightly annoyed at something, it would've been strange to see her violet eyes not tinged with anger and impatience, but Lucy had never seen her so angry. Power surrounded the enchantress and writhed as if it wished to be let free. Lucy shrank back and wondered why anyone could claim enchantresses were no more than mortals with a little flair for illusion. She looked at her child one last time and, after she kissed him on the forehead, her shaking arms held him out to Iridian. Her violet eyes softened a little as she took the child. "Don't worry, Luce. I'll take care of him."

As Iridian started to disappear into the darkness, Lucy couldn't resist one last cry, "Belan!" Only the faint outline of Iridian could be seen as she paused and, Lucy thought, turned around. Lucy tried again, "I want his name to be Belan. Please."

Iridian faded into the darkness and, as she dodged the trees and jumped over hidden things on the ground, contemplated the small bundle in her arms. "Belan," she whispered into the darkness as she whisked the biggest secret in the past five hundred years away.

The End

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