Being Famous

This is a collaboration anyone can join. You have to pick a famous person to write as (they have to actually be famous in real life), and you have to have them all leaving the same award show.
They get into their limo's and stuff, but the limo drivers aren't the ones they usually have. Then the limo drivers take the to an abandoned warehouse, and lock the celebs in there, kidnapping them. This story is about how they try to get free.

Justin Bieber

I had my hands in the pockets of my skinny jeans as I left a huge stadium. I used the back exit, trying to steer clear of fans. My limo was at the end of the dark road, and all I had to do was walk to it. I flicked my hair out of my eyes as I did so.

 I opened the back door of the limo, and sat down, taking my Blackberry from my pocket. I went straight onto Twitter, and tweeted about my night.

 Had so much fun at the aoe awards today! i loved spending the day in london, and i hope to be playing many pranks. see ya!

Putting my Blackberry on lock, I slipped it back into my pocket, and looked out at the night. I was in London, England, where I had done a show a few weeks ago. I remember because I was staying in the same hotel. It wasn't until about ten minutes later that I realised we were going the wrong way.

 But it was already too late. We were parked outside an old warehouse somewhere round the back of some shop. My car door opened, and I was dragged away into the darkness of the warehouse.

The End

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