Chapter 5

~ Chapter 5 ~

“Why are you calling me?” Lily sneered at me.

“I just wanted to apologise. I know you were right all along. I am ugly, you’re pretty, you have more friends and you could definitely get Jacob, not me, and he didn’t ignore you.”

“Oh! I know, haven’t you got a life? Don’t you check Facebook? Tell you what, check my relationship status and you’ll soon see what he really thought of you” I could hear from the way she spoke that it was bad news. I heard her laugh and then I heard Jacob in the background. All I could hear were their giggles, then the beeping telling me they hung up.

Last night I had convinced myself that he hadn’t liked me in the first place. But that didn’t stop me feeling worse about myself. Now, Lily had told him my fantasy and I’d be the laughing stock of the best looking guy I had ever seen, my best mate and all of their other friends. Great. I would care a lot less if Lily had accepted my apology and then told me. But it was a double whammy having Jacob there too.

I went bright red in anger and embarrassment when I saw her relationship status, his status and her updated version of the “hate” status. I felt like running over to her house. Bashing down the door and having a right go at her. But that would just dig me deeper.


The sun was a crayon drawing in the blue felt tip sky. The grass was a cotton ribbon across a child’s drawing, and I was a stick person.  At least that’s how I felt. I was enjoying myself. Getting fit was my new hobby and it was working. I had almost forgotten about Jacob and Lily.

Until I saw him. I had just finished a lap of the park and I was near the forest area, when he ran towards me, with a face full of pain, sadness and terror and straight out of the bushes.

“RUUUUN!” I thought I heard him bellow, “RUN! MOVE! GO! GET OUT OF HERE! RUUN!” he tried to get all these words from his mouth so quickly, that I couldn’t understand them. He wanted me to run, but where to and what for?

“What? Why?” I shouted back to him. He was now about a dozen feet away and diving towards me superhumanly fast. I didn’t understand what was going on. Was he mad, or did he seriously want me to start running again? How did he know I was here?

Moments before Jacob would have reached me; Lily appeared from nowhere and grabbed me. I was confused and dizzy and could barely see her. But there was something strange. She was definitely taller, stronger and looked manlier than ever. When my sight returned I fainted in terror, for the beast before my eyes carrying me up into the sky was far from an angel, and I definitely had not died.

Yet, somehow I knew, that when I first bumped into Jacob. I had disturbed something. So now, I was going to be punished.

The End

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