Chapter 3

~ Chapter 3 ~

“Unbelievable! How rude can you get? Honestly, boys just don’t know how to treat women.” Lily had been nattering on and on about how this mysterious guy had completely ignored her, just to talk to me. Although, to be honest I was just as surprised as she was.

When we were talking he spoke an awful little about himself and asked more and more questions about me. All he said about himself was that he was 21 years old, called Jacob and just moved here from Australia. I had told him a lot about me, he seemed like a person I could trust my life with and still, I barely know him.

“Hanna! Are you even listening to me?! Godsake…What’s wrong with me today? Am I invisible or something?”

“Look, I’m sorry that Jacob didn’t take a second glance at you which must have been a shock, but can you at least get over the fact one guy might fancy me and not you?”

“What?! I couldn’t care less what that… that twat thinks about you or me because I can get any one I want. I am tanned and brunette; you are small, ginger and white as a sheet.” Lily exclaimed.

“Well, I beg your pardon!!” I shouted back and ran home.


“Hanna? Hanna, love, what’s wrong?”

I had been crying for almost an hour since I’d got into my room.

“Hanna? Let me in sweetheart and tell me what’s wrong.” Mum repeated. Dragging myself off my mattress, I threw open my door and hugged her.

“Am I ugly?”

“Of course not, hun! You are gorgeous. How many times do I tell you that?”

“Sure, you only say that because you’re my mum. It’s in your job description… But it definitely isn’t what a friend should say, right?”

“Lily? Lily said to your face that you were ugly? Tell me her exact words.” She said firmly.

“ ‘I am tanned and brunette but you are small, ginger and white as a sheet’. She snapped over one boy ignoring her and talking to me instead.” I wimpered.

“Ugh! Ignore her like he did and come down for tea.” Groaning at her advice I fling myself back down on the bed in an attempt to show my loss of appetite. “NOW!”

The End

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