Chapter 2

~ Chapter 2 ~

Finally, there’s only 5 more minutes to go. Miss Prill spoke solemnly as usual; discussing how far the sun is from Mercury, a lame topic that she had chosen for “fun” after our A levels. God! I can’t believe I’ve made it through fourteen years of school with this dozy moo. Luckily, I remember the times when she wasn’t my teacher - at my nursery school, where I first met Lily, 16 years ago.

Lily Samantha Barrette: the prettiest, most popular and loved girl at Lukesmoore High. When I had first seen her she had seemed so exotic, new and strange from all the neat and spotless girls. Her midnight black hair was French-plaited down to the middle of her spine, soft brown eyes that twinkled when she grinned with her pearly white teeth. As soon as she saw me, she had laughed, grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to the sandbox! She has barely changed from her chatty and selfless personality, sadly for me she hasn’t grown out of her beauty either. Every boy is always begging for the seat next to her or chatting her up every waking moment of the day.

I know I shouldn’t be jealous but I am, and even if she doesn’t like the boy, she tells him about me but still no one takes a second glance at me.

“Congratulations all of you and I wish you luck in the future!” Miss Prill shouted as the bell went and the young adults began a cacophony of shouting, occasional screams, sobs and hugs all round. We were glad that we would never return to a seven period day of school but we couldn’t hide the feeling we didn’t really want to move on from everyone.

“Are you ready for summer?” Lily screeched in my ear.


“Come on! This is our summer to find love, have fun and adulty stuff, right?!”

“Umm? Yeah? Well, I’d prefer to stay home and snuggle in bed for the rest of my life and never go to school.” I grinned. Lily broke into her usual summer holiday song and I playfully shoved one hand around her mouth and the other began tickling her. Once again, in our summer routine, she stopped and punched me in the arm a little too hard; forcing me into someone.

“Hey! Watch it! Are you bli…“

“I-I… umm… Sorry!” I mumbled, trying to hurry off with Lily. She began to giggle. Sticking out her hand, she greeted him with her charming smile. Strangely, the guy ignored her and came at me instead.

“Hi. What’s your name?” He smiled. Wow! What a gentleman! I adventured with a glance towards him, thinking I would be able to tear myself away from him. But I couldn’t. His hair was chocolate brown and his eyes blue were like looking out to a pure and bright lake. Seeing him made me feel like I was lying on a beach in summer with the glorious sun beating down upon me, the feeling turns to a daydream. The idyllic boy that actually stood before me was laid beside me holding my hand and we laughed at our love for each other.

“OW!” Lily had pinched me. “Umm…Yes?”

“What’s your name?” he patiently asked again.

“Hanna” I whispered.

The End

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