Chapter 1

~ Chapter 1 ~

“One shall not love or lust for one’s partner, whom they guard.”

Her eyelids fluttered subconsciously. Her gorgeous auburn hair curling over her gentle and kind face. Her nose and ears were all you could see of her peachy skin which in daylight made her eyes, mouth and hair even more beautiful. Glimmering green eyes rested under her young eyelids, and whilst still gazing across the large purple room at her, I thought about how much I loved this goddess-like being, how much I missed her every time I blinked and why I had to fall in love with her.

The droning voice of my guardian filled my ears. Reminding me of every rule in the Olherities, forbidding love towards a human, but had Michael or Gabriel ever seen a human girl. Before my common-sense could stop me, one thought popped into my mind: if only this girl could be like me.

“Pugh! If only!!” I imagined Sebastian, my guardian, saying if I had told him about her.

About her… Everything was about her. Everything should be about her; always will be. As long as I guard this human I will love her and cherish every smile she shows. Every single moment I will –

Distracting me from my thoughts she took in a sharp breath and tossed in her cocoon-like covers. Immediately my heart wrenched. What was going through her mind? Was it a nightmare, or did she sometimes have disturbed nights? I wanted to help her. To hold her and comfort her but once again the flaming Olherities held me and my foolish emotions by the reigns.

I know so little about my love yet somehow I feel like I have spent the 462 years of my life with her. Watching her grow up; take her first steps; hear her giggle her first word “kitty”; her best friends, enemies and lovers from the past. I wish I could have actually been there instead of Gabriel filling me in on her life, just like when you miss an episode of your favourite show and you can find a repeat. You have to make do with just being told about it. Watching a film from the other side of the cinema theatre and putting your fingers in your ears to muffle the sounds.

Her tossing and struggling stopped. An invisible hand from her soul reached out towards me and held mine. Smoothing out all the worry in my mind about her and building my love for her.

Hanna… I love you so much…

The End

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