Being Angelic

Love is tricky when you're used to being angelic...

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Firstly, I want to say that I might have sort of, maybe, (I definitely have) recreated or changed angels a bit. As I am not religious, I do not know very much about Angels apart from what you can find out on Google and Wikipedia [shameful]. So, please if you are religious and know loads about angels and see an ikkle mistake that you think I probably haven't just changed to make the story a little original to myself, then feel free to comment on the chapter or on my profile pointing it out!

Secondly, I would like to explain in a quick little thingy the gist of the story. Well, Jacob is sent to guard Hanna, a human 19 year old girl. In a twist of fate* he falls in love with her and becomes heartbroken every time he sees her. Have you guessed yet?

I'm not going to give away too much, but hopefully by now you have probably guessed :D Here is a little explanatory thing about the Angels:

First order:  Closest in order to God

Seraphims The guardians before God's throne. You'll see these guys later in the story, my friends!

Cherubims Gods record keepers and guardians of God's glory.

Thrones Referred to as "the many eyed ones",  portrayed as winged wheels within wheels, whose rims were covered in eyes.

Second order:  Priest-Princes of the court of heaven

Dominions These are the Angels who bring you the teachings of intuition. In Being Angelic, I portray the Dominions as being the teachers of the Guardian Angels

Virtues Drawing on God's force to work miracles on earth, the "brilliant" or "shining ones" are the Angels of miracles, encouragement and blessings.

Powers First order of Angels created by God, it is the job of the Powers to prevent the fallen Angels from taking over the world and keep the universe in balance. I think you'll probably get to know these peeps at some point too!

Third order: The Ministering Angels

Principalities The protectors of religions, guardian Angels of cities, nations, rulers. Definitely spot some of these!

Archangels The "chief-Angels", they carry God's messages to humans and command God's armies of Angels in constant battle with the "Sons of Darkness". In Being Angelic, I name the two Archangels Michael and Gabriel.

Guardian Angels Celestial beings closest to humans, Angels are the intermediaries between God and mortals.  Assigned by God to every human being at the time of his or her birth, they assist every aspect of life in the universe.  They deal with the aspects of everyday life and act as the direct gateway for information, knowledge and communications between human kind and the God force.  These Angels are seen with human bodies, wings and clothed in various garments depending on the traditions and visual acceptance of the human they have "been assigned to". These are very much like Jacob**!!

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* = that is the lamest thing I have ever said to make people read a story I wrote XD
** = Yes, Yes, I know I just totally gave it away... You'd find out soon enough... [sits in a corner]

~ Maya

The End

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