Being a High School Girl Scout

The story of my scouting experience (technically an application to shadow a prominent former scout for a day and give a speech to 400 people)

     "You're a girl scout?" people at school ask me, a hint of aversion creeping onto their faces. "Sure," I reply, "There's way more to it than cookies and badges."

     Being a Girl Scout has won me plenty of shunning since I began middle school. Scouting went from being the favorite extracurricular of all the cool girls to the most frowned upon activity one could join in one short summer. Fortunately for me, I never thought much of being one of the crowd. so I stuck with scouting, despite the mockery it brought on. Three years later, In high school now, I'm still snubbed for the social transgression, but I would never give up being a Girl Scout for anything. 

     The Honorees of the past few year have been distinguished women who have set preeminent examples for both scouts and the greater community. Their own stubborn efforts have shepherded them into success, paving the way for other women. 

     I am intent on following that path, or perhaps paving my own, into journalism, history, or politics. Before I was enrolled in preschool, I already had a plan for my life: I wanted to be an artist/ballerina. Although my goals and aspirations have changed considerably since then, my ambition hasn't. The experience of shadowing an Honoree could help me transform ambition into success, allowing me to make it easier for more girls to succeed.

     I can contribute a strong background in public speaking to the presentation. I have been speaking in front of crowds as large as 600 people on a biweekly basis since the school year began, as well as the presentation of speeches in English class since the sixth grade. 

     Girl Scouts, through the Law and the alumni who have lived by it, has inspired me to achieve. All of us in Girl Scouts are walking a path once trodden by the feet of illustrious women. Although this road we follow has forks that may lose us, we are on the path to greatness. Girl Scouts, through patches and badges, but also through teases and sneers has taught me to, rather than go with the crowd, stand head and shoulders above it.

The End

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