One of a kindMature

"Can anyone tell me the difference between a Psi and Sang vampires?" Theo addressed the small group of first years gathered in a crookered dusty room. The room, I presumed was a class room, was no bigger than my dorm. Jars gathered mold on damp window sills. Cobwebs cluttered the corners of the wooden beams hanging off a rickerty roof. It reminded me of a witch's cottage I read about in fairytales as a child.

"Anyone?" Theo repeated.

I pushed my finger over the grooves in my desk, trying not to meet Theo's gaze , partly because, I didn’t want to answer, and partly because, I was still embarrassed that I was totally and utterly besotted with him.  Then I remembered. He could read my thoughts. “Kate, How about you, Tell us the answer.”  Theo pressurised me.

“Sure, Psi Vampires are the devious ones” I replied remembering the little fact Red informed me of.  A loud chorus of laughter erupted from the others around me. “Correct!” Theo congratulated me. I didn’t see what was so funny.

“Do any of you know what type of vampire you are?” He addressed the class again. “Kate?” Great is it pick on Kate day today?

“I’m a Psi vampire, I’ve never drank blood never had the urge if I’m honest”  a low hum of boos sounded from my class mates.

“And it looks like you’re the only Psi in here. In fact the only one we’ve had in centuries."

"Theo what do you mean, I'm the first psi to come here in centuries?"

"Well, Psi vampires have always been outcast as the weeker kind by Sang vampires, since time began and around 3 centuries ago, right here in Phoenix Academy for Immortals, Psi vampires were banished. They swore they would return one day and get their revenge..." Theo's story trailed off as he realised I could be the one plotting revenge.

"Oh come on, you have to be kidding, you don't think I've been sent here to destroy you do you?" I joked trying my hardest to do my best 'Alien voice.'

"No, No Kate, I just don't think you realise it. You see Psi, vampires do their damage without intending to cause catastrophy. Class Dismissed."

I stood up ready to leave the classroom. The others pushed their way past me like I was invisable and I was the last to reach the exit. Theo blocked the doorway with his beautiful muscular arm.

"Why, thank you, no one has ever described my arm as beautiful before, it's just an arm." Theo laughed. "You're still confused arn't you Kate? You have no idea why you're here or even who you are. I'm a third year Sang vamp. How about we go out tonight, and I can explain a few things."

"You're asking me out?" I spluttered in disbelief. I guess it wasn't too bad if he wasn't a teacher.

"I'll meet you at you're room at 8pm..." Then he was gone.


The End

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