Love at first sight.Mature

I had a suprisingly good night sleep that night. The best in a long time, given all that had happened, especially with it being my first night. I should have stayed up all night with worry. My dream was more of a nightmare though. It was going to play on my mind all day. Talking of which, Red had told me last night that today was going to be a long one and all newcomers were to meet in the Grand Hall at 9AM sharp. I stretched over to the other side of the bed and twisted the clock on the bedside table around.

"Crap, half an hour late! How can I have slept that long!" I jumped out of bed, ran into the bathroom and tried to silk down my hair with the palms of my hands in the mirror. I shouldn't have really bothered. Didn't matter how I looked, it wasn't like I had a toothbrush or hairbrush.

I grabed the key which I had left dangling out of the keyhole and legged it down the corridor which seemed alot shorter on the way. Then, things usually do seem longer when you're in a hurry.

I saw the marble arches of the hall at the end, and could see that the hall was filled. Damn it. trust me to be in trouble on my first day. I ran faster.

"KATE! WHAY HEY THERE SLEEPY HEAD!" Boogie's voice echoed all over the building, talk about trying to go unnoticed! "WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU GIRL!" his bright pink suit wasn't easy on my eyes.

"Hi, um...sorry I'm late everyone" I apologised sheepishly. Why is it people get embarrassed by the fact that they slept in.

I stood at the back, hoping to just go with the flow, when I felt a hand cover my face and another spun me around in fast circles "Guess who!?" Well there was no mistake in that voice.


"How did you know?"

"I just did!" I lied, she'd think I was funny, if I said her voice was lovely to her face. "Red, I didn't know you were new here too?" I questioned, I thought she was an older student. Student? is that what cult memebers were called? Followers? She looked perfect again, but she was wearing what she had on yesterday, just like me. Thank God.

"Oh yeah, arrived about an hour before you, I'm so excited!! Arn't you!?"

"Um, no, terrified actually." I didn't want to learn how to suck someones energy away from them.

"SILENCE NEW ONES, ORDER DOWN THERE!" The same voice belonging to the bald angel sounded from the balcony again. The crowd fell silent as everybody turned to look up to him. "I shall begin, Starting with Vampires, When you hear your surname please make your way up the spiral staircase to collect your itinerary." Well my surname was Whyte to I had ages until I was humiliated. A low hum of boo's came from some of the crowd when the first person was called, Red was booing. "Hm sorry, not my kind, ya know..."

I let my dream preoccupy my mind, trying to figure out what it meant. I dreamt I was on a housing estate walking around alone. I didn't recognise the place, I've never lived in a house! In the dream, I saw a person on the other side of the road, it was neither male or female. This person, well, it was more like a thing, was very beautiful, long and thin.. It wore long grey socks and a huge yellow jacket. It's hair was silver and thin which blew in the wind. It's skin seemed to be a liquid silver. In the dream I seemed to recognise the being and I crossed the street  to ask it if it needed direction. As I aproached it, it's face turned to evil, it's eyes were firece orange and it's face gaunt. Not wanting to show my mistake, I offered my help. The creature spoke in a foreign accent and began to chase me down the street leaving a trail of matalic liquid that seemed to be mixed with blood........


"Yeah! Here!" I have to really stop daydreaming it only causes trouble!" I fought my way through the crowds and up the staircase.

"Nice to see we're keeping you up Miss Whyte" The bald angel stated sarcastically, when I reached the top. But something made me ignore my telling off.

"Wow" I gasped under my breath. I had no idea what it was like to have a crush on someone. Well on famous actors sure, but now, this was real. Standing on the blacony was my first real life crush. His hair was mousy and short, not to short. His jaw. Oh My God. His jaw, was perfectaly symetrical and he had a sexy amount of stubble.

"Was there anything else Kate?" The angel sounded impatient now, but I knew I was wrong to stare.

"Um, no, thanks" I scurried off back down the stair case and back over to Red.

The last few of the Demons were getting their timetables when the noise built back up in the hall. I was about to tell Red about my dream, to see what she made of it, when we were joined by Boogie and some other guy who put his arm around Red.

"Kate, this is my Boyfriend, Jude, Isn't he lovely?"

I was going to have a problem with her putting me on the spot, I could tell. Boogie opened his mouth to speak but promptly closed it again when Red continued to ramble on with excitement, not letting anyone get a word in edgeways, for that I was kind of glad. I chuckled to myself.

"Kate! " a new voice came from behind me. I turned on my heels. It was him.

"ye-y-ye-ye-yeeh" I was a jibbering wreck.

"I'm Theo, I'm going to be your mentor, I tried to find other vampires, but I guess they've gone back to their rooms"

"Theo! Theo from last night Theo?" I sounded silly now.

"Yeah, that's me, sorry if I scared you last night, I was entranced with all them welcome rituals" He looked so different. He wore ordinary clothes and he definitely wasn't a monk.

I turned to shoot Red a look; a look to say "is it just me or is this guy hot?" but she'd gone. It was just Boogie. Arms folded smiling like a cheshire cat, looking at us like he knew what I was thinking. I felt my cheeks catch fire.

"OOOOOH Kate's gone all embarrased, all the ladies do, around him, Don't worry 'bout it girl!" he piped up, slapping me playfully on the shoulder.

Please let the floor just swallow me up whole now.

Theo laughed and I think he told me not to worry. But panic hit me like a ton of bricks right in the gut. He had seen me naked. HE HAD SEEN ME NAKED.

"...And a fine body you have too" He interupted. Wait a second, he interupted my thoughts...

"I feel sick." I blurted out.

"Do you feel sick at the fact I've seen you naked and you're in love with me, or at the fact I can read your thoughts?"

"B-b-b-oth!" I ran off towards my room. Throwing myself onto my bed, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "ARRRGGHHH!" I let out, looking out from behind the pillow. I saw my bags from back on the motorhome had been stacked up against the closet. "How the hec..." I mumbled to myself.

"We had them be brought up while you were daydreaming downstairs" Theo!

"How?.. I mean... you were just...I've just." I was jibbering again...

"I beat you here, I'm fast, plus I've got shortcuts" He knew what I meant. "Well I'll be taking your first class, it starts in 30 minutes, don't be late...again..."

Great! so he was a teacher. I might not have ever been to a proper high school before,but I knew it was wrong to be in love with a teacher, and due to my big mouth, or big mind even, he knew it.

The End

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