The CultMature

The door slammed shut as soon as I set foot inside. That startled me too. I jumped in a full circle mid air, forcing me to look at the decor of the room.

Although it wasn't cold, the walls were of sand coloured stone. The bed was hard to miss. It was a four poster bed that stood against the far wall. It was draped in purple silk with matching duvets, which protected black satin sheets. "Wow!" I exclaimed, jumping head first onto it, sending the mini cushions flying onto the floor.

I knew I should have slept, but I guess my adventurous nature got the better of me again. The room was huge. Well compared to the extra tiny one I was used to back in the motorhome, this was huge. Pretty pink lamps dangling off the wall on either side of the bed, made the place look snug. It was luxury, but something still didn't ring true.

Another door stood next to a long mirror. Rolling off the bed, I just had to check out the bathroom. I was taken aback. I deep jacuzzi hugged the corner. The stone walls were lit by candles. The floor was shrouded in a fluffy cream rug. I was still convinced I was dreaming, but this was no longer a nightmare.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. I wasn't expecting it, I obviously didn't know anyone. I half hoped it was my parents coming to take me home.

"Huh...Coming..." I shouted, unsure whether or not, whoever it was could hear me through that bulk of a door.

I pulled at the brass handle, ready for whoever awaited on the otherside. Nothing. The door didn't budge. "Erm...Just a second, I can't seem to get this thing to work." I tried to explain myself kicking the frame in the process. That was dumb, it hurt. Bad.

A cute kind of laughter rang from the corridor. I could tell it was definitely another female. That made me feel relieved.  At least I thought it did.

I peered through the keyhole and was greeted by a blinking black eye. Suprisingly the person staggered back, alarmed to see my eye. That made a change, I was the one that needed a tranquilizer.

"You have to turn the handle, once clockwise, then again, three times anti-clockwise...Or you could just use your key" teased the softly spoken girl.

Obviously. Yeah. The key. Right. I turned it in the lock and pulled open there door. There in front of me stood a girl about my age. But she was beautiful. Long black hair straddled her waist. Her ebony eyes peirced through a spray of cute freckles. Her skin was flawless porcelain, looking like she could break. Perfect.

"I'm Red" she almost sang, offering out her hand.

"I'm Kate, please do come in." I sang back to try and match her daintiness. I did sometimes let my inferiority complex get the better of me. I felt awkward as she took my offer.

"You're definitely not an Angel, you're not tall enough. You're certainly not one of us. So that makes you a Vampire, Which type I do not know" Red wondered aloud while sizing me up.

"Wait, so Boogie and that other bloke from the welcome ritual are Angels? Angels are tall?" I asked trying to paint the bigger picture.

"This is a cult for immortals. We live in top secrets. We practice ancient teachings and rituals, to find our meanings. The Angels are the leaders, and we must obey them...Then there is your type. An weird lot really because there are two types of  vampires. Psi and Sang. Psi are devious, sap the last bit of energy out of you, when your not expecting it, at least with the sang ones, you know to just run...Hmm... then there's us...Demons" she sighed plopping her self down on the bed.

I wasn't sure whether to be amazed, or face up to the fact that I was having a conversation with a demon. One thing was for sure, I was amazed that I was immortal.

How did I come 21 years and not know? Then something occured to me. We wern't living as gypsies, my parents and me. No, that was just a cover up. We were living as vampires, moving to one place to another, so we wouldn't be exposed. Mind you, I'd never seen either of my parents drink blood, unless they protected me from that. I did grew up surrounded by a lot of love and happiness. No. I can't imagine Cynthia to go near blood, let alone drink it. she'd faint at the sight of it. Thinking about it now, once every month, no matter where we were in the world, my parents would tell me they had to attend a 'special meeting' and that they had to go in order for them to be well enough for our journey ahead. I never thought they were sick. I never paid much attention. I just thought the 'special meetings' were them finding a local bar. They did roll home at midnight with a packet of pork scratchings and a can of lemonade for me.

I must have been wittering on out loud, as Red the demon knew all about these special meetings and proceeded to tell me. "Social gatherings for vampires take place once every month, in nearly every place on earth. At these gatherings, the vampires draw the blood or energy from a willing donor. Not as gory as what it's made out to be, eh? Humans believe your sort are diseased."

I didn't want to feel insulted by that last remark, but most of what she said made sense. But if it wasn't blood, we must be the 'devious' type.

"Oh and, Happy Birthday Kate." Red simply said as she left.

The End

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