The WelcomeMature

I passed out. This time my heart was beating in time with the lashes of rain against the massive oval shaped stained glass window, which was towering over where I  lay. I was naked with only a peice of cloth to protect my modesty. Bolts of lightening outside lit up the cathedral like hall. Looking around unable to move off the cold stone floor, there were pillars supporting marble arches either side. Ugly Gargoyles hooked in every cranny, their eyes fixated on me with evey crash of light. What is this place? Why am I here? It just could not be true.

Faint chanting echoed out from behind the arches. I wrenched myself off the ground to try and find an escape. I spun around on the spot as another bolt of lightening hit the sky, I saw I had been placed in the centre of a star of David. Like I was prepared for some ritual.

"Help!" I could only manage a whimper. It was no good. The chanting grew louder and louder getting nearer. Nearer.

A strike of lightening lit up the place again. Three hooded figures had appeared in each of the six arches, each carrying live flames on stakes. Their chanting was so loud it well drown out my screams. My heart was beating faster than the rain now. I fell back onto the solid ground as the monk like beings surrounded me so close.

I tried so hard to cover my body to brave out my intimadation. The figures were at the edges of the star, circling me so I couldn't run.  I began to say my prayers, I never had been religious, but what a better time to start.  I had my eyes closed tight, I didn't want to see my death.

Something must have answered my prayers. A voice sounded from above "ENOUGH, I DEMAND YOU TO STOP." With that the 'monks' sunk back between the pillars and vanished into the darkness. It was silence now, except for my heavy breathing. I was dizzy with fright. I squinted unexpectedly as flourescent lights flickered on from a balcony above the grand hall.

"Kate" Demanded the voice. I looked up to see a tall man with no hair, yet sporting a long plaited beard. This man was extreamly tall, taller than Boogie and he had to be at least 7 foot.

"Ye-y-ye-yes" I stammered.

 "Welcome my dear." The bald man shouted from the balcony which was alined with rows upon rows of books, some kind of library I guess.

"My dear?" I thought to my self, "Is now really the time to be getting acquainted?" "Why am I here? What is this place?" I was tired of asking that, finding my voice again.

 "This is Theo he will show you to your room." He went on, completely ignoring my concerns.

One of the hooded figures from the strange welcome ritual appeared at my side. He handed me some clean, dry clothes. I quickly changed to save myself more embarrassment. "Come" his voice monotone under the shadows that darked out his face. This guy was showing me to my room, somehow I got the feeling I was going to be staying here for a long while.

I followed Theo through the arches and down a dimly lit corridor. The walls were slabs of stone and awefully narrow. The corridor meandered as it slopped deeper under ground. Theo walked about five paces ahead, disapearing out of view when the tunnel turned.

We'd been walking for a good few minutes now, when I began to think we were lost or something, never to find the other side of the tunnel. It was just like me to have the room which was the furthest away. I tried to force a smile. I had to or I'd go crazy, or worse. Just as I began to lag further behind Theo I saw a wall directly in front, marking a dead end. At last.

Theo stopped in front of a heavy wooden door with bolts. We'd passed several of them on the way. This door had the number 4188 engraved into the centre. Theo took out a baton like stick from under his robes and knocked firmly on the door. It slowly opened by itself.  I was more shocked as to how that was possible, than the gorgeous site that awaited me inside.

Without a word, Theo handed me a key and glided off back down the corridor.

The End

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