The ComingMature

I lay awake trying to make my heart beat in time with the lashes of rain against the plastic window pane. I loved night's like this, wild outside while I'm all cosy inside. I'd been a complete insomniac for nearly entire week worrying about the future. At 21, I hadn't experienced the things most 21 year olds had, then again, I'd seen some pretty awesome things most 21 year olds don't even know exist. But I'm tired of being caged up. I have ambition.

I must have drifted off into a light sleep when a bright light that illuminated my room made me jump.  I would usually dismiss it as a passing traveller, but the roar that accompanied it was monsterous. The noise seemed to grow closer as the light become brighter and forced me to squint. Then as suddenly as it came. Darkness. Silence.

I scrambled for my dressing gown. I was going to explore.  I tiptoed over the mess that was scattered across my bedroom floor and headed to the adjacent kitchen. As I aproached the back door, I heard voices. Two male voices, one had a distinct Jamican accent and was shouting to the other who sounded like he was trying to hush him up. 

"Well I ain't done this before, what the heck am I gunna say? Hey lady by the way you're..." The man who was jamican stopped in his tracks when he saw the back door fly open. The rain teamed down and I slipped down the three wooden steps at the foot of the door. 

"Arh! ouch!" I cried as an abnormally tall man dressed in a lime green attire helped me up out of the mud. "Who are you? There ain't a garage or a motel around for miles..." I tried to inform the strangers.

The other man who was so large, he looked as through he was about to burst out of his 'flower power' shirt interputed "Actually, Kate, we need you."

"I'm dreaming, I must be! I mean, I've time slipped back to the 70's, look at you two!" I informed quite rudely outloud. "And plus the fact I've never seen any of you two before, yet you know my name, so excuse me while I wake up to get away from you!" I continued. I was abrupt as I was exhusted.

 "Fiesty! I like it!" the over hyperactive Jamician man announced still clutching my hand.

 "Shut up Boogie. Kate, I'm Marvin, He's Boogie"

"Ha! Boogie, what kind of name is that?! I'm definatly dreaming!" I huffed folding my arms across my chest to snatch my hand back.  With that, I heard my dad Joe in the kitchen.

 "Kate! Kate! What you doing out side? Have you not seen the weather? It's the monsoon season for crying out loud! Get back to bed!" with that Joe appeared at the back door. "MARVIN! MAN! How long has it been? Twenty one...Oh my God, 21 years, that's why you're here." Joe said. He knew something, I was teary at this point and just wanted to know so I could go back to bed.

 "What the hell is going on!" I demanded. "I'm 21 in the morning, and clearly something happens between you three every 21 years, but now I'm being dragged into it."

 "Oh it's too cold to beat around the bush you know what I'm saying Marv" Boogie, now jumping around like an excited child at Christmas pushed "Kate, You're a vampire, you're coming with us, your car awaits." He almost sang.

I looked over to the plushest car I've ever seen. That explained the nosie that woke me up, but I never really registered the information I'd just been told. I just stood there, shivering. I looked down, my hair like rat tails and my white night dress clung see through to my naked body in the rain. "But that's impossible, because vampire's only exist in Hollywood." I replied automatically before my brain thought it through. 

"Why don't we come inside, we need to explain somethings to you Kate, darling." Cynthia's voice was calm and smooth as she also appeared, almost like she knew tonight was the night.

"Cynthia, we have an hour to get back, we will explain everything to her." Great, so now I was invisible. With that said, Marvin placed his heavy arm around my shoulder and dragged me towards the car. I struggled with all my might to break free of his grip and run towards my parents, to my safety. It was impossible. I tried to scream, but my voice failed me. Terrifed. It was less than an hour ago I dreamt of getting as far away from here as possible. Right now, I couldn't think of anything worse . This had to be a nightmare.

I was placed in the back of the car. I twisted around to look out the back window, the rain was so hard, it blacked out my view. I would never see that shabby motor home again.

I faced back to the front to face my fate. I couldn't control the tears. "Here, press the button." Boogie, who was driving at a speed of well over 90 said handing me back a remote. "The red one" I pressed the red button and a tray of cupcakes emerged from the other passenger seat next to me.

"Woah!" I gasped.

"See it's not that bad, honest." Boogie informed me, "Boogie's just a nickname and I'm just the messenger so don't ask too many questions and please, don't shoot me." he joked. 

 "Where's Marvin?" I asked. That wasn't the question I really should be asking in this situation.

 "Following us on his motorbike, he wouldn't fit in the car now would he? Anyway, arn't you going to ask about vampires and where the hell I'm taking you."

 "No, because, there's nothing I can do about it anyway, except, not believe you!" I answered. Boogie laughed. It was high pitched, almost like a cackle. Weird.

The End

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