Gypsie's CharmMature

I've always loved to travel, ever since I could remember. I've sailed the seven seas, stretched to the far corners of the globe, stood on mountain tops and screamed until my lungs gave out into the depths of the darkest valleys.  This, all in the comfort of my own home. Confused? Well let me try and explain. My house it moves, well...Most people would discribe it as some shoddy clapped out motorhome, but for me it holds memories, for me it's my shelter.

I'm Kate. You'll always find me scribbling about my adventures in my precious diary, It's not like I've got anyone else to share them with. I love the freedom of running in the sand, but I can become lonely. Envious.

 My family have always been travellers. Gypsies. Dirty-good-for-nothings. Or as many suspect. Magical immortals who hold secrets from a mystical world.

The End

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