Behind these Hazel eyes.Mature

A love story with a twist. A mystical thriller about Demons Vs Vampires out to fight for one thing. A soul. This is alot more adult and more real than anything such as twilight.


The hustle of the busy market place was all too exciting for little Kate. She cluthed her Father's hand tight, terrified of getting lost in the crowd. She wasn't to know she was there for a reason. To be lost in the crowd. She wasn't to know she wasn't loved.  The night grew darker and the bright lights spun off the carousels, the smell of toffee apples and candyfloss filled the air. Kate never wanted to leave. 

A raggered looking blonde woman, working on one of the stalls spotted the young couple and their child, sensed their distress and how the pretty child was a burden. Perfect prey.  "Come and buy your lucky Heather" the gypsy woman shouted, "Damn, come up with something better!" she continued to mumble to herself. She had to remind herself of what she was. "Magic Pendants!" That caught Kate's mother, Jayne's attention. She believed in magic and of the sort. That was the reason they chose this place to abandon their daughter.

"Magic Pendants ? Yeah, well Prove it" Jayne insisted

 "You believe don't you? Well that's your proof" Replied the kind looking gypsy woman.

"Well ..OK..what do they do then?" Jayne pushed.

"Anything you want them to do, my dear." said the gypsy, rather too convincingly, catching the young child's eye.

 Jayne noticed this and bought the necklace. Crouching down to face her 3 year old daughter, who she never did bond with, due to her heartless nature. Jayne took the pendant and whispered "Kate, I may not be able to give you love, but someday you will find it, somewhere. Laugh in the face of Danger"  The jewel that hung off the chain, glowed for a split second and Jayne clasped it to her daughter.

"Eh! what was all that about then? She's a gorgeous kid, if you don't mind me saying so, image of her daddy."  Interupted the gypsy, feeding off Jayne's sad energy. "Well I...I...I don't want..." Jayne started.

 "I know, let's say, I give you £700." Cynthia the kind looking gypsy woman, with the cigerette stained voice didn't sugar the pill, and Jayne knew exactly what she meant. 

Jayne pondered for a while, a little shocked. What kind of mother would sell her daughter to strangers claiming to be magic, for less than a grand. Then again, what kind of mother was she anyway. She looked up to her husband, who nodded and let go of his clutch on his daughter's red coat.

The End

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