Henry cont.

“I don’t want to see you get hurt, let alone…die.” He chocked the words; it was difficult for him to say them I could see that, but the last word he struggled on the most.

            There was a beating sound as wind was pushed about by wings, big wings.  There was a struggled roar and then a loud boom as the scaly mass hit the ground rather than landing gently.  It was the female dragon back from her seeking trip.  She had found her egg that much was certain but why she had landed so horrifically I have no idea.  Henry jumped to his feet to get a better look; I sat perfectly still trying to listen to her thoughts.  I did hear them but they were faint and strained.  She had been injured.  She said little.  The two words that stuck out the most was ‘attack’ and ‘Lilith’ my eyes were wide and fear began to spread through my body, I have never really been scared but now I was terrified.  I had no idea what would happen, I didn’t really have any idea of what she was capable of.  I grabbed Henry’s hand.  He looked down at my face.  He saw the fear and picked me up, he ran me back to the camp.

            “It’s going to be ok!” his voice was slightly wobbly his face concerned, but unsure.  I shook my head.  It was worse than he had first thought, he thought it was just Lilith on her own, but oh no she had helpers.  Cloaked figures, they had wounded my dragon, they had used their spells and magic mumbo-jumbo on her they had completely iced her wing, it was frozen solid, my poor defenceless beast. 

            She showed me her attacker, it was a cloaked figure and he wore a mask.  I saw the red and black pattern on his mask, it was sharp and bold.

            I sat down along side my beautiful fallen beast, she was caught off guard.  I called for someone to take her egg away and to make sure that it was seen too.  I stroked her elegant scaly face, I soothed her with a lullaby, and I hummed to her.  I knew she would never fly again, I knew she would die.  All I could do now was sit and comfort her.  Henry stayed close as did Brom and Auron.  I listened to the slowing of her heart beats as she met her maker. They all watched me, so worried; I didn’t utter another word after my masterpiece had finally fallen asleep for the last time.  She was able to do what I longed to.  I wish I could die, I really do and this worried them, all of them.  Auron Dragged me to one side his voice was gruff.

            “So, she’s dead?”

            “Yes” I nodded feebly

            “We all knew she would, I’m sorry sweetheart.  We know how much death up sets you.  I know how much you pine for it. Brom doesn’t like hearing that I accept that, but I know you do and I understand.”  I nodded briefly.

            “My dearest child, you are troubled, I see it in your eyes.  You know more than you let on, don’t you?”  His voice was slow and calculated; he seemed to know I was feeling fragile.  I so much wanted to avenge my poor dragon’s death; she never deserved this, never.  She was completely innocent.  The only thing that kept me here was the fact that if I went the whole camp would follow and that could be catastrophic.  Without knowing the true power of Lilith’s force meant that I have to be wary.  I do not want to see more death. I don’t want to see bodies of the fallen.  I don’t want to bury them. 

            “Come child, walk with me.” Auron asked holding out his hand to me I grabbed hold of it.  He had a smooth hand, considering his age; he was weather beaten, but strong and well built a nice solid and firm build.  I looked up at his face and he gave me a look of encouragement.  I needed that; I smiled softly at his kind gesture.  I would need to tell him everything.

            “You child, will tell me exactly what is bothering you.”

            I nodded; I looked over my shoulder to see Brom and Henry looking at us as we walked away from the camp.  They wanted to follow but I shook my head and they stayed still, watching us as we slipped slowly away.  The sun was setting and it was hitting my eyes, I kept raising my hand to shield it from the light.  It was warm on my cold skin.   I was like a block of ice as it was; I had to keep my self warm by keeping the fire circulating round my veins.  I had stopped doing this when I saw the visions in Henry’s head.  I was sick to the pit of my stomach.  Auron stopped walking when we got into a clearing in the woods.  He sat down on a moss covered tree stump, it was about one metre in diameter from looking at it, and he beckoned me to sit with him. 

            “Now my dear, tell me everything.”

The End

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