Henry cont.

“Is there somewhere we can talk, somewhere no one can hear us?  I have some news which you must know about.”  His face was emotionless, his voice flat and hushed.  I nodded and grabbed hold of his elbow; I dragged him toward the outside of the camp where my dragons were resting.  I sat down on the leg of my lead dragon.  His name was Ares; I named him this because he was good in battle almost too good.  Ares is the name of the Greek god of war.  Ares was the strongest of all my dragons and one of the most affectionate; he smiled at me as we approached.  What are you two doing home, its nice to see you Eleanor my child.  I sent the stupid female to find her egg; she’s on her way home now.  His thoughts appeared in my head as I sat down on his leg.  I enjoyed the company of my dragons; they didn’t annoy me at all. They are far too peaceful, even though they are beasts that are designed for war and destruction; they were graceful and elegant, soft and gentle.

            Henry grabbed hold of my face so that would have to look into his eyes; his face became emotional, and hurt almost as if he was in pain.  I starred at his face completely confused, I searched his face.  I have learnt to keep out of people’s minds, I wanted to give them the privacy they needed but I couldn’t help but pry into Henry’s. His face seemed too hurt to not look.  There for a second I saw why he was filled with anguish.  He thought I was going to be killed by my little sister.  He had seen her arrival; he’d seen that she would be coming for me.  He’d seen the way she was going to kill me. He was scared that I would be too breakable.  He was scared that this battle, this war that lay ahead of me would be my last.  All he saw before him was a young vulnerable girl, he forgot that I was immortal, he forgot that I couldn’t be killed, he had forgotten that I had years of experience under my belt.  But then I realised the only things that could actually destroy me or kill me were my siblings.  I swallowed hard, without realising.

            “Are you reading my thoughts?”  He said with his eyes boring into mine as if he would force the information out of me.  I lowered my eyes, ashamed of my intrusion, and nodded weakly.  He placed his index finger under my chin and lifted my face, his eyes searching my eyes.  He looked like he was in pain.

            “I’m sorry.”  He said, his voice sounded tearful, but he could not shed tears he couldn’t he was a vampire.  He hugged me, held me tight.

            “It will be ok brother.  I don’t give in easily.  If I die then so be it.  I have wished for it, I have wished that the grim reaper would come find me someday and say ‘you have lived long enough I think, you deserve a rest’ but that’s never gonna happen is it, my father won’t allow it.” 

            His face was grim, he looked hurt by my words like what I had said was the most upsetting story he had ever heard.

            “You mean so much to this world though.  If you die what happens to all the mythical’s?  Where do they seek refuge, find shelter and safety, who do they turn to if you go?”  He almost whined, his eyes where in so much pain I could see that.  I placed a hand on his shoulder firmly; I had sat up straight and put a smile on my face, the only issue was that it was fake.

            “All will be well brother, I promise you.”  I kept my voice as confident and light hearted as possible but I was unsure that I would win this battle.  I knew my sister was strong, I knew she would enjoy the battle, the toying with my mind, the blood she would draw, the pain she would inflict, the lives she would take.  I just wondered why now?  What for? What was her problem?  Why did she come here herself when she could send one of the demons to come and kill me?  Did she want the satisfying feeling that she had killed me herself?  However, a demon wouldn’t be able to kill me.  I haven’t seen my sister since I was banished out of the underworld.  I was sixteen, I am now billions of years old, well it feels like that at least. 

The End

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