Henry cont.

I’m coming for you; there is much to tell you, you look wonderful.  It seems like a century since the last time I saw you my dear. You haven’t change a bit.  It’s so wonderful. 

He was thinking, his beautiful thoughts.  He was like an older brother to me. Accept I was much older. I could feel a smile pulling at the edges of my mouth.  He smiled back, a big broad grin on his magnificent face.  Once he’d reach where I was standing he gave me a big hug.  The cold skin of his hand soft and smooth against mine as he drew back was such a wonderful feeling.  I am not used to the contact.  He was the only one who wasn’t really afraid to touch me.  “How are you Ellie?”  His words were fluid on his tongue, his voice was velvet. 

            “I am great Henry. How are you and how was your trip?”  I asked eager to get out of the place.  I grabbed the back of his arm and started tugging him toward the exit, as well as nodding toward Brom and Auron.  They followed at my heals.  Henry looked down at me and registered my expression.

            “My trip was fine, it seemed to take a long time, and the airport was crowed back in New York. I see you’re eager to leave this place.  I suppose you have been here for a while then?”  He gave me a smirk, raising his eyebrows as he asked the question.

            “Yes, we have been here since twelve yesterday afternoon.  I hate being around humans, it’s so laborious.”

            “I know dear one, it does try my patients.”

            Once out of the airport and into the woods surrounding the area we broke into a run.  The world moulding into a blur around us as we darted forward, faster than human eyes can see.  We would go back to Pendle where we left the last of our people.  They were encamped in the Pendle valley.  It was a beautiful landscape, some proper British countryside, rolling green hills and interlocking spurs, with luscious green woods, dusty country lanes.  The sunlight always seems cleaner in the countryside everything illuminated with the beautiful sunlight.  I could see the birds flying in and out of the clouds and among the branches of the treetops.  We stood at the edge of the woods and looked down at the small encampment that was a little north of the village of Pendle.  A smile ran across my face as I darted towards the tents.

            “You’re back early!” the annoyed face came from behind me.  I turned to meet the eyes of my second in command.  His name is Will.  He is a pain in my side always wanting to know where I’m going, when I am going to be back, what am I going to be doing, how that affects our people and so on.  He is like a mother.  He really doesn’t have any idea of how close he has got to me killing him.

            “What’s it to you?” I hissed, my brow furrowed, Henry placed his hand on my shoulder to hold me still. 

            “I’m just asking, coz I thought that you were gonna be back a lot later than this.”  He stuttered starting to back away but stumbling, this made his arms swing round and round like windmills.  I let out a laugh. Henry put his lips near my ear and whispered.

            “Calm down, he’s not worth this you know that.” 

            I nodded in agreement and Henry let go of my shoulder, I scowled at Will’s nervous, scared face as he watched me walk off.  Henry caught up with me and grabbed hold of my arm.  He looked about the tents, what was he looking for, some stray human?

The End

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