Henry cont.

Time passed slowly waiting for Henry, which is strangely ironic as I was immortal and time meant little to me.  I fidgeted in my seat watching the humans go past not even taking a second glance at my appearance in the airport. But then again why should they, I meant little to them, and I should hope for that too.  My power could be deadly in the wrong hands.  I blend into human life surprisingly well considering what I am, but then again I have been practising it for millennia.

            In the window my reflection caught my eye as vain as that sounds it really did.  It always surprises me.  I always imagine myself to look much older than I do, but with my height my face stayed so young looking, so ‘cute’ as it was put to me once by someone who meant the world to me. He has long gone and faded to into the life I said I would never lead.  I let out a long sigh.  This is something that I don’t normally do, mainly because sighing is a human characteristic, and I am certainly not human.  I have mudded eyes, a dark deep brown, completely fathomless, my nose was small almost button like and smooth looking.  My lips were always strange to me and still are I have a small mouth, with very thin lips but a ripe cherry colour none the less.   My skin is so pale, so cold looking.  I look like a waxwork, if it wasn’t for the slight blush on the top of my cheek, my shoulder length brow hair tracing the edge of my face, almost graceful. 

            I looked away from the mirroring surface of the window and started searching the minds of those around me trying to see if I could find evidence of Henry anywhere he should have arrived by now it was three forty seven and he still hadn’t made his appearance.  I was starting to feel a little apprehensive.  What if my vision was my subconscious mind telling me that because I want my old friend to visit, was I feeling lonely?

            I looked across the airport and narrowed out a small red haired woman, she wasn’t ginger but there defiantly were hints of it, it was a curly mass atop her head that cascaded down and rested on her shoulder, she had the greenest eyes I have ever seen.  She was also very pale.  I tried to listen for her heart beat but heard none.  She wasn’t human I saw that now she was an elf, she kept her ears hidden, but the fact that she was so petit and dainty, all elegant small movements.  They were all precise and well thought through.   She was defiantly an elf, what the hell was she doing in the airport?  Her slender form stood at the checking out desk of British Airways, she was in the uniform, she was working in the airport.  I stared at her in disbelief.  I muttered under my breath, words that would catch her attention words that she would be able to hear across the hubbub of the airport.  Her head lifted swiftly and her eyes met mine in an instant.  I heard her mutter, “Come here” Her voice although a whisper sounded pure and soft to my ears.  She was defiantly an elf; I slowly made my way across the large white room, filled to the brim with humans.  There was so many thoughts going on at the same time but I hadn’t been in any of them.  Good. I haven’t drawn attention to myself.  Once I reached the desk she bowed her desk gently but made it look as if she was looking down at her desk as if looking for something.  I asked her who she thought I was.  She answered, “The child of the beast we all fear!”  Her voice was snappy and to the point, it was almost curt but then again I expected that.  My father was the source of all evil.  But then there was something about her that made me confused.  Her face brightened almost as if happy to see me, like I was an old friend of sorts.  Her full red lips curved up at the sides and she smiled at me fondly.  Her whole face lit up, she was radiant.

            “You have come to meet Henry, and he will be here very soon.  You will save our world from your siblings.  You will stop this evil you know this, we know this.  It has been seen by the witches.  We are all here right behind you.  So what ever happens, don’t lose hope.”  Her words were sure; and clear but to be honest I had no idea what she was going on about.  My siblings had never put a foot in my world, it was beneath them, and they always believed that they should never have to set a single eye on the insignificant humans.  I nodded still unsure of what exactly she meant and turned on the back of my feet swiftly.  I could hear his voice now; it was the clearest voice in the entire building and surroundings.

            His voice, his voice, I have missed his voice.  I saw his face, something I had missed dearly.   My minds image of his face had become so fuzzy that seeing him now had made that image a new.  He was far more wonderful than I remembered.  I truly did miss him.  “Eleanor, where is she?  I know she’s here, I can smell her.”  He was talking to Brom and Auron; they looked up at me across the babble of the humans busying themselves with their excitement of holiday and business men and women on mobiles talking furiously into them.  Some stood with their arms folded across their chest and some tapped their feet impatiently.  My eyes darted across the room to see his face, so beautiful. Then again he was meant to be, it was part of being a vampire.  You had to be appealing.  It was the way I designed their fantastic race.  I had not created Henry, another vampire bit him when he was human.  But I must admit I am glad they did. 

            Henry was a god like figure, very angelic to look at, his pale skin so clear and fresh, his wonderful golden eyes, his pointed chin, a thin face.  He moved elegantly through the crowd of humans.  Without knowing the humans parted so that they were out of the way, their natural instincts told them that he was dangerous even if he really didn’t appear it.  He wore a black leather coat, with a very tight shirt; he had a thing about those shirts.  He wore skinny jeans with a studded belt and black and white converse on his feet.  He still had his hair long, his wavy dark russet brown hair, flowing as he walks forward. 

The End

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