Henry cont.

“What is that smirk across your face?”  Auron glanced at me with curiosity, his thoughts were hopeful for something interesting apart from miss laid dragon eggs. 

            “Yes Auron there is more to my smirk than it first appears and no it hasn’t got anything to do with missing dragon eggs.”

            “What is it, dear child, Eleanor, speak, and tell us what it is? Anxiety cannot be good for us anymore; we are too old to wait.”  Brom’s words were also filled with curiosity.  It made me laugh further.

            “Henry is coming; he is going to be at the airport soon.”  A smile was on my face and I felt like I was glowing.  Henry was a vampire and a very good friend of mine, he came searching for me years ago looking for the source of his curse.  I taught him about it and he started to agree that it wasn’t a curse and that it was an advantage to do, well…good.

            It is a hundred and twenty three years and sixty four days since I last saw him, and I will be pleased to see him.  I do so love him.  We always have a good old laugh, and I enjoy his company massively, quite an interesting character.  Henry was one of my long term friends and no matter how great the distance we always found time somewhere to get together and enjoy each others company.  From my vision it looked like he was going to be staying for a while and I smiled even wider than before.

            Brom, Auron and I decided to make a head start on heading to the airport, we travelled by foot.  Running was something I was quite fond of, being able to run faster than the human eye could see was fascinating the world whizzes by in a blur.  Life all around me, around us, was completely oblivious to our secret lifestyle our secret formation.  We simply didn’t exist and I liked it like that as do many others.  Our way of life must be kept completely cloak-and-dagger.  Human minds are too feeble and are unable to cope with what truly is reality; they struggle to comprehend the true size of the universe.  They always have too many questions, but then again so do we. 

            Henry’s arrival wasn’t just an annual visit or a friendly drop by to see how I’m doing; he came with a full intended purpose.  The question is what? 

            I love a good mystery but then again who wouldn’t.  Its something you genuinely can make speculations about. 

            Running to the airport meant we would be in London within an hour all the way from Exeter. That was good time considering we were running, but then again be didn’t have to wait for traffic, or make any pit stops, or take a detour because of road works.  Running means we have complete freedom, something I lavish.  I can’t stand being cooped up.  I’m no bird! I’m a… well now what am I?  I am Satan’s daughter and do I really want to admit to that? Probably not would be the answer.  Oh I do giggle to myself at my own little family issues.

            We reached the outside of the airport; we had slowed down dramatically so that we were now moving at human speed.  This was very laborious to us.  I hate moving slow, but we know that it is a small price to pay to conceal the truth.

            All the humans were busying away with their day to day lives.  Some business men dressed up in a crisp, neatly pressed, pin stripped suit was on his way through the doors of the airports entrance.  He was carrying a black leather suitcase and a rucksack which was slung over his left shoulder; it was a bright green and had caught my eye.  It was almost florescent.  I hated these man made colours that are ridiculously over the top.  However, it did not stop me entering the terminal quietly.  Normally when things catch my eye I have a tendency to follow them and sometimes strike up a conversation.  Luckily I was too interested in meeting my good old friend again that the eye catching bag had little impact on my intention span today.

            I sat in terminal three looking out of the window watching all the lights that lined the runway of Heathrow airport.  It was average sized airport but I liked it, it had a friendly feel to it.  I sat at the table just glancing through the window not really taking notice of anything when I heard a baby cry.  His screams were loud and distraught.  I didn’t like it, it was distressing.  The mother picked her baby up tenderly, she wasn’t very old, she had a very slender figure, and there was a grace about the way she moved.  I will be honest, I envied her.  I wish I could move with such grace, I also wish that I had maternal instincts.  I was a very unemotional thing really.  So to watch the young mother in her flowery feminine dress, hold her baby to her chest and rock him to sleep in her arms was quite a dreamy, pretty picture. 

            One thing you should know about me, I don’t dream.  I would love to dream, but I can’t when I sleep, I almost die.

The End

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