Behind the rising sun

a griping tale of a young girl trying to protect her life in the mystical world that she lives in along side the humans. will Lilith end her way of life forever? will she ever see her soul mate again? is there any possible peace? will there be a war amoung the ageing creatures of her relm?

1. Henry


I have had enough Brom, you know this, you’re always telling me to keep going, but what if in keeping going it leads us all into a dead end.  We need to step back and review this miserable issue from afar.


            I have no doubt in that, my dearest child, no doubt at all.  But I can’t help feeling that we are giving up on the issue.  Your father is watching in every reflective surface, you know this too.  He wants to see you succeed, even if he did disown you long ago. Brom was still thinking


            We always have our long winded discussions in our heads; it’s the only way that others won’t hear.  We have to be careful now, more than ever. 

My father really was watching me.  I heard his mumbling a couple of days ago and I’m not to sure what was said but I didn’t like his tone.


            I am an average girl of 16, I look a bit young for my age and I am short.  I have been named the baby faced villain by some of my enemies.  Average looking would be true but locked under that young, innocent looking pallor lies a ‘person’ who was here from the beginning of time, I am older than some fossils you may find in the natural history museum.  I blush at the thought. How embarrassing.  My life has always been moulded and shaped around battle and waging war, I am at heart a peaceful soul, well if I had a soul that is.

            My father is not the normal average dad, and as you have heard he disowned me a long, long time ago.  My father would be best known to you has Lucifer or the Devil.  Yes, now you are getting the picture.  I am the devils child, before you ask; no I don’t have 666 printed on the back of my head.  My father forged me in the fiery pits of hell. He wanted me to be the perfect child like my sister Lilith but he failed miserably.  I turned out as a neutral soul and so he disowned me immediately.  In doing this he sent me here.  I am to stay on earth until the end of time.  It is a strange old life to see time pass me by and yet I never age.  My protectors, Brom and Auron, have always been there no matter what.  My father created them too, so that I would always be safe, not that I have ever needed protecting, I am far too strong.  Even though my father had disowned me long ago he still has a soft spot for me.  He watches me from afar, he has to use something called scrying, this is similar to mirror gazing but with a difference he uses a mirror to look upon all reflective surfaces.   

            I hate my father, although he does not know this I keep this explicit hatred to myself.  Feelings are something that are difficult for me to fathom, the one thing that confuses me most.  However it does capture my imagination a great deal.  I was born neutral, that’s how I am, I can neither be good nor bad, but over time I have developed different traits I have started to produce my own thoughts on what I think is good and bad.  After thousands of years around humans who wage war, struggle with greed, envy and lust I began to develop my own sets of rules.

            My father bore me with the ability to create.

            One thing I can thank him for. 

The End

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