Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Lesson 1


The next day I woke up dreading my first lesson with Meta. Meta had a very rare power like me, he could grow to be 3 stories tall. So he pretty much threw me around the whole day. It didn't hurt physically but my pride was gone. I had to figure out how to beat him.

 I tried jumping on him and punching him in the head. But his now super thick skull protected him from any damage. I tried ramming full speed into him but he simply sidestepped and sent me sliding across the concrete. Finally, as a last resort I tried to give him a Charley Horse, but his muscles had become to dense for me to do anything.

After that I went on the defensive end. I zipped around him while he tried to stomp on me. After a while he got dizzy and I got around to his back. I saw an opening. I dead legged him and shot up into the air, bringing my hands above my head. I brought both fists down on his head hard. He crashed to the ground and shrunk to normal size. I had knocked him out. I know most people would be sorry but considering who he was, all I felt was satisfaction.

People came out of the house to tend to him as I went inside for lunch. I used this free time while Meta was knocked out to go experiment with my powers some more. I put on some civilian clothes and left the house walking toward the giant statue of a green lady that I saw when I flew in. I knew there was water there. I jumped into the water and swam normally for a little bit. I decided to see how long I could hold my breath. I went under and started swimming. I was going fast! I got excited and choked on some water. I resurfaced and went back under. I swam for at least 30 minutes before I had to come up for air. I went back under and decided to see how fast I could swim. I took off as fast as I could go. Everything was a blur and next thing I knew I was on and island. I saw a jungle in the distance. I turned around and swam back.

I got back to Meta's house just in time to have dinner. He came up and sat next to me at the dinner table. There was an uncomfortable silence that followed. Finally Meta spoke, "You're welcome."

"What?" I answered.

"I taught you something. You learned to use strategy instead of brute force," he smirked.

The End

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