Chapter 2 (continued)

 I ran and close lined a guy that was rushing at 610 and then I spotted him. 505. I jumped into the air and landed in front of him, he had a confident smile. Two of his friends ran up beside him. I didn't care if they won, I just wanted to make sure that 505 realized that he wasn't going to win just because he was Meta's son. I punched him in the stomach and when he hunched over I slammed his head onto the ground. The buzzer sounded again and I saw only seven of us left. 505 was not one of them.

"Congratulations! You seven will be our next super heroes!" The Captain said. "Come with me, wait, not you, him." He pointed at a bloody 505. 610 was crestfallen, he had won it yet he was not allowed for no reason. "I'll see you after you win next year," I mouthed and with that I followed the others into the HERO building.

Only heroes and recruits got to enter the HERO building. The only room we got to enter was the check in area. It was tall, but small. No one was there but the workers since most heroes didn't leave their cities. We got in a line and signed a piece of paper before we got our mentors. I wanted anyone but Meta, 505's father. Of course I got him. I could only hope Meta wasn't as bad as his son.

I got to get on a thing called an airplane and I got to fly to a place called New York. I started to get hungry after a few minutes and a waitress brought me a type of sea food called shrimp. I had never had shrimp before but I liked it. I scarfed it down and my stomach felt a little funny. We landed and I was met by a tall man that looked familiar but I couldn't  figure out why. He had blonde hair and piercingly dark eyes. He wore a suit and tie with a ring on his middle finger. By this time I felt really bad and puked all over him when he held out his hand. I was brought to my new room and he came back in a few minutes later. "Sorry, Puke, I had to change clothes first," he said coldly. I noticed a blue M on his chest and realized what I had done. I had puked all over Meta, and he wasn't any different from 505.

The End

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