Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The Games


I heard everyone talking as I landed but no one noticed but my parents. They thought I was just another flyer. I signed up and found 610. It was still early and the grass was wet when The Captain began speaking to us. "I want everyone to split up into groups based on powers," he said. Once everyone was in groups he came up to me, "What are you doing son?"

"I'm the only one who has super strength, sir." He laughed. I lifted him up off the ground one handed. Even in his armor he felt light. He still didn't believe me so I jumped into the air. The whole place was silent.

"OK, we have a muscle for the first time in 90 years!" The Captain announced as everyone cheered, "Let The Games begin!"

As our first test he had us run. The 10 fastest speeders went on, the 10 fastest flyers went on, the 10 fastest stealthers (?) went on, the 10 fastest acrobats went on, and I went on since no one could beat me. Our second test was strength. The 8 strongest speeders went on and so on. Our third test was of smarts. I wasn't as good at that but since I'm the only muscle I went on. With 22 people left the last seven standing would be the winners. I saw 610 and made my way over to him. "Want to form an alliance?" I asked. He nodded with a smile.

The buzzer sounded and everyone stood there waiting for someone to start the fighting. I knocked one unlucky guy out with a backhand and everyone attacked. One guy was about to blind side me when 610 punched him with blinding speed and knocked him out. I jumped on top of two guys one in each hand and knocked them out by slamming them on the ground. A girl ran up and tried to kick me in the chest but broke her leg.

The End

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