Chapter 1 (continued)

I got up and stuffed my face with pizza until I was so full I was sleepy. I took a fast shower and went to bed. I woke up and checked the clock, 5:15, and jumped out of bed, got dressed quickly, and slipped silently out of the house. I met my best friend, 610, in the alley between our houses. He was a month older than me and had gotten super speed. "Dude, have you looked into the mirror yet?" he asked. I hadn't but when I tried to tell him my voice came out deeper, but not much deeper. I could look at myself later, first I was going to find out and practice my power in the deserted streets.

I sprinted but wasn't even close to keeping up with 610. I tried turning invisible to no avail. I jumped into the air but couldn't fly. I tried to do a back flip and landed on my back. Maybe I didn't even have a power. "Hey Snot Boy!" 505, of all the people to share my birthday it has to be the jerk son of Meta, the most popular/powerful super hero. His ripped form ran across the building and did a back flip to land behind me. Even as supers he is going to pick on me. He ran at me with his acrobatic speed and punched me hard in the stomach. "OW!" but he was the one who said it. I felt nothing from his punch. I had super strength. I had read somewhere that you had to concentrate to turn on the strength so I concentrated and turned the mental strength switch from off to on. I lifted him off the ground with one strong hand and threw him like a rag doll.

"Remind me to never make you mad," 610 said. I smiled, I was so winning The  Games. We didn't hear from 505 again as we experimented with my power. I could jump at least a mile, I was faster than 610, and I could lift at least 2 cars on each arm (and that's just because I couldn't balance any more. I snuck back into the house and looked in the mirror. My hair was short but not quite a buzz cut, I had very low body fat but was still bigger than I used to be and I was at least 6 foot. As my parents were waking up I changed back into my PJs and fake slept. My parents "woke" me up and I faked being surprised at how I look and rushed off toward The Games. My parents would be as surprised as everyone else when I entered with a jump.

The End

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